what the??!!

  1. what the f:wtf: ??? i just saw a fake damier azur speedy hours ago... how fast really are pirates! the speedy is so0o :yucky: Eeew!! sooo freakin fake!!! :hysteric: imagine the speedy with a tag(a plastic white one) :censor: ...:roflmfao: the patterns are so not aligned,,, duh!!
  2. wow, they are fast. do you have a pic?
  3. yeah, i'd like to see a pic of that madness
  4. sorry, i never had the chance to take some photo.. it would be quite awkward heheh.. she even caught me looking at her bag, duh! but i was tongue-tied hehehe:hysteric: :yucky: booooh!
  5. the fakes sure are fast to get out there. i would do a double take too if someone walked past me with a damier azur speedy now.
  6. OMG, how advance... :rolleyes:
  7. lol. yeah. how fast can they get?!
  8. How sad. These fakes make my blood boil.:rant:
  9. A quick check on iFake (iOffer) turned up no Azur replicas, so at least they are not commonplace yet...
  10. uh oh! pirates are really very well updated...:censor:
  11. Wow, they didn't waste much time :throwup:
  12. yuck
  13. ugghh :yucky: I can't believe how fast they go
  14. Yuck! I can't believe there are fakes out already.
  15. i saw a fake of the new steamer bag at ikea.. YUCKK
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