What the...?!?

  1. :weird: I didn't quite know where to post this...thing:


    Croc and suede and sterling and skulls and whipstitching and Balenciaga - the only thing it's missing is Swarovski crystals and maybe some feathers... It is some super-hip in-the-know faboo underground thing and I'm hopelessly out of the loop?
  2. it says Balenciaga Style
  3. i'm sorry to say this, but i love this bag! no truly, i think this is one hideous bag. hope no one buys this.
  4. That bag looks like a crab with huge eyes on the first pic :rolleyes:
  5. That bag is GROSS! :throwup::sick::throwup:
  6. :wtf:
  7. It definitely is a statement bag.....what statement I don't know.:shrugs: I guess is for the rock & roll pirate type:rochard:
  8. It looks like it will eventually smell like bong water.
  9. that zipper hanging out the right side just adds to the hideousness. And that price? Is there really anyone who would pay that price for something that looks like that?
  10. Ewwwww.........:yucky:
  11. That thing is going to give me nightmares. Seriously.
  12. I knew it - I'm tragically unhip. Turns out A&G is a fashion line that combines deconstructed leather/cashmere/sterling silver in goth and tattoo designs.

    O-kay. Still hideous. I just hope no real Balenciaga bags were harmed in the making of this stuff.
  13. It is very wierd! Is it legal to make such a close copy of bbags? yechhhhh
  14. :roflmfao:
  15. Lol! plus it's a real deal!:roflmfao: