What the ????

  1. I have seen people sell gift cards and such on eBay before. People sell them to get the cash instead of the card. It looks like this person returned an item and was issued store credit and probably wants the cash instead and is willing to sacrifice a little of it by selling her credit. The buyer saves a little money. Anyone can use that card. You don't need her receipt to use it.

    I wouldn't buy gift cards or store credit on eBay, but many do.
  2. How funny, people sell everything on eBay.
  3. I have seen that a lot, and I personally have sold a coach credit on ebay... twice. I returned some expensive bags and had to get coach credit and didn't want to buy anything else, so you can sell the credit for a bit of a price break.. the seller wins because they get cash and the buyer wins because they get a discount on whatever they buy from coach. The receipt is just proof of the card, it has nothing to do with it other than that. ;)
  4. People do sell weird stuff on ebay, During the last PCE ppl were selling their invites, some for like $150, now what if you dont buy something expensive enough for your 25% to add up to that, waste of money.
  5. OK I can the possible advantage of getting cash for the seller but the high bidder isn't really saving any money at this point??? Edit: Never mind- My brain isn't functioning :push:I thought it was only about 9 dollars and I see that the winner is saving 27 dollars or so. That's worth it.