What the ???

  1. I just came across this auction on eBay for the "Icons" book, with a BuyItNow of $129.99. I recently purchased this book on Amazon for like $15 - why does this seller think that they should be able to fetch so much for the same book that can be bought online for $20 including s/h? Am I missing something? Just curious :nuts:

  2. Banking on some people not bothering to check maybe?
  3. haha! It's like £12 on play.com.. I think I might get it!!

    I've heard of them.. why are they asking such a high BIN?

    EDIT: does anyone recommend it?
  4. yeah i have that book - it ok .... thought it would have more LV lines in it and a bit more info
  5. Pardon me if this is an uninformed question, but the eBay seller says the book is from 2005, but how is that possible if the mirror (sp?) collection came out earlier this year/late last year.
  6. I just ordered it off Amazon!!
  7. Yeah it's just only about the "Icons" of the line.

    But yeah I agree with the others, they probably think people won't check to see how much retail was or how much it really SHOULD cost. :nogood:
  8. I believe they mean 2006...the Birth of Modern Luxury book came out in 2005.
  9. I have (had) both books, and The Birth of Modern Luxury is an amazing book, well worth $100-$200 dollars IMHO, but I really didn't think Icons was that spectacular, and ended up selling Icons on ebay for $10! :p Gee, wish I had thought to charge $100+ for it! ;) Some people... Shame on them!
  10. kinda like the people who mark up the miroir lockits by $1500......rip off !!
  11. Just another Ebay rip off.:s
  12. Urgh,this is one of the reasons i hate ebay.
  13. Wow that is alot.
  14. haha, I ordered it off of Amazon.de and my local LV had them too
  15. I saw that too...I was like :wtf: