What The ???

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    The statues are on display until the end of June

    The model appears in a variety of yoga poses

    Heavy metal: Kate Moss has been immortalised in a series of sculptures

    Seven sculptures of Kate Moss in yoga poses could fetch up to £1 million when they are sold in New York.

    The bronzes, which include one of her with her legs stretched behind her head, went on display at the Mary Boone gallery in Manhattan
    They are by Marc Quinn, famous for his sculpture in Trafalgar Square of Alison Lapper, a woman without arms and fully developed legs, and are estimated to fetch £137,500 each.

    The white-painted bronzes are part of the “Sphinx” exhibition - socalled because of Moss’s mysterious persona.

    Although highly realistic, the sculptures are not portraits.

    Quinn said they represent "an image, and the way it is twisted and sculpted by our collective desire".
    He said the yoga pose sculpture showed Moss as "a knotted Venus of our age

    A polished bronze named "Sphinx (Road to Enlightenment)," shows Moss sitting in the lotus position.
    The model did not get into the contortions herself - Quinn used her head and face but drew the positions from a yoga expert.

    The daily Mail
  2. Is that the same person that did the Paris autopsy statue and the pregnant Britney on all fours?
  3. WEIRD. . . . . . . . . .
  4. Strange...very strange!
  5. i think its deplorable that this man is claiming to be an artist and earning a hell of a lot of money by cashing in on celebrities. and dont get me started on the Alison Lapper sculpture.
  6. ????????????so interesting!
  7. weird!
  8. odd..
  9. weird
  10. Hmmm...Well, it's interesting!
  11. the last sculpture was super weird...
  12. very weird!!
  13. no comment! :X
  14. weird.... the last one is creepy.

  15. I think so. The style looks similar. Frickin' crazy.