What the..??

  1. I went to the boutique today and I asked the store assistant to show me the entire Groom collection. I was like "May I see the red pochette?" and then she refused, saying "I'm sorry, that wallet is for women, not men". I told her I wanted to buy it but she refused, insisting it was for "women". So in the end I had to lie and say that I wanted to buy it for my mom's birthday. :rolleyes: Pretty silly...
  2. You are just kidding me right?
    April Fool's Day was yesterday.
  3. Weird! Why she didn't want to sell to you by you're a man? She's no right to do it! Even though you're a man and asking for LV Mc Speedy, for example, she's no right to not to sell to you.
  4. If this is a joke, you're a day late.
  5. This is not a joke.

    I cant believe y'all think I'm making this up ???

    Im not into April Fools.
  6. I trust at you, LouisVObsession :smile: my bf got the similiar experience, SA refused to show him Perfo Speedy by it's woman city bag, not for man.
  7. If you are being serious, then that really surprises me. I have never heard of any Sales Associate refusing to show an item to a customer. I have been in Louis Vuitton plenty of times and was shown everything that I asked for (and more), even on days when I specifically said that I wasn't planning on buying anything...Which is most days anyway, but that is beside the point.
  8. I'm wondering if the SA's are overstepping their boundaries or if there have been issues with men buying women's bags & then getting angry that they weren't informed?
    I can think of no other reason for this!
  9. Strange!
  10. That is quite strange ... at my store my SA have informed me that the only people to purchase the new mini lin baby bag to date are men (who wish to use it for work/study bag) and also a few men have purchased speedy 30 --- I am unsure why they said that to you:confused1:
  11. Anyway, I'm not going back to that boutique! After being quite a loyal customer, I'm abashed that they treated me like that.

    I guess I'll have to do my shopping at another mall.
  12. I would have yelled for a manager.. this is no way to be treated, regardless of what gender a bag is for.
  13. Is this supposed to be for April fools day?? I'm sorry coz I also read your 2 other posts and you mentioned that you purchased a groom wallet. So you did get one after all, right??
  14. That's strange cos you could have been shopping for a girlfriend, mother or sister.