What the...

  1. My Hogan was supposed to come today via FedEx so I took the dog out for a quick walk. When I get back, there is some guy with a rental truck from Penske(?) tossing my box from BG over my fence -- and it has been raining! The bottom of the box was all wet. I don't know if he rang my bell or not, but that purse could have sat in a puddle until I got home from work -- which would have been another 4 hours!

    Should I complain about this? What's with the rental truck and not a FedEx truck!!
  2. Ugh!
    I would definitely complain to FedEx and ask them about the rental truck!
    I'm not sure about that! :cursing:
  3. I had the SAME THING happen a couple weeks ago- ordered a Juciy Couture for my daughter and came home to find the box sitting out in the FREEZING RAIN on my front step- not at all under the overhang where it's dry. Of course the box was soaking thru and thru- everything inside was wet as well. I sent it back and asked for a replacement. It was the terry bag and I didnt even WANT TO deal with bleeding, shrinking, etc etc . Delivery people sometimes are so ridiculously carelss with peoples' things !!!
  4. So is the bag OK?
  5. Yes, but it wouldn't have been if I hadn't been home today!

    I called FedEx and apparently they use contractors to deliver stuff -- and they don't have FedEx trucks, which is still wierd as I saw my usual driver go flying by my place earlier today! I am trying to make sure that it's the contractor that gets the complaint, not my regular guy!
  6. tell me about FedEx! I just drove 1 hr to FedEx facility in the middle of nowhere to liberate my package because they refused to leave it at my door and asked for the signature.
    Sorry about your experience! Hope your bag is fine.
  7. Glad to hear your bag was fine Bitty !!!!! That would have been a disaster if it was ruined !!
  8. Yeah! And it started thunderstorming as I wrote this post! Yikes!
  9. Fedex always throw my package over the fence! I mean they throw it so far that it lands right at my front door. So far nothing broke, but I just can't believe they do that. And I'm home!! They throw it and then they ring the door bell :confused1: !
  10. Same problem over here. My sister just sold a small linen handbag with a wooden handle and the postman forced it through the buyers letterbox so that handle snapped off! No respect for other people's property. Thankfully, the majority of posties are pretty good.
  11. I hate FedEx... they once send my bag to the wrong town (the adress was absolutely right) and I had to call a dozen times to get it...
    Glad your bag is ok!
  12. This is troubling. Bitty, the bag came from BG? I know that a lot of department stores use those contractors. When I ordered my hotel bed from Nordstrom it came by either Penske or some other mover/trucking company. But it's disheartening that even though it's not glass or anything, an expensive bag should definitely be treated with the same kind of care and marked as such and designated to the delivery drivers that it's something to be handled with care.
  13. Sorry to hear about that (so frustrating) but glad the bag is ok! How is the color??? A true Emerald :smile:? Do we get to see pics?:flowers:
  14. I am always amazed at the items I come home to just sitting out on the porch or sometimes in front of the garage. You have to wonder what the delivery drivers are thinking :shrugs: (or not?)