"What the World Eats"

  1. Very interesting! Notice how the developed countries spend more and have more processed food while the undeveloped countries spend less and have more produce.
  2. Very interesting, thanks for sharing!
  3. It's rather heart wrenching to see a family live off $5.00 plus of food per week.
  4. Thanks for sharing..I was intrigued.
  5. I can't believe how much some of the families spend--
    some of them had quite a bit of junk food present, which I think costs more in the long run--kind of appalled at all the junk food
  6. Wow, interesting!! I can closely identify with the kuwaiti and egyptian families, good thing I'm still "tradition" at heart, no junk food for me. (other than the "special" occasion)
  7. This is so true! Often times when I compare my weekly grocery spending I notice that the most expensive weeks are the ones where I load up on junk food. I'm trying really hard to curb buying processed foods and junk. :sad:
  8. I thought that was pretty interesting to see - thanks for sharing the link!
  9. No french family ?:crybaby:
  10. Wow, that's so interesting. Thanks for posting!
  11. wow, so crazy to see the different amounts/ types of food... as well as prices. thanks for posting!
  12. wow, wonderful slideshow, thanks for sharing!
  13. Thanks for posting - very interesting. Anyone notice that one of the favourite British foods was a mayonaise sandwich? Yuk! lol
  14. very interesting