What the %@#$! Vert Gazon not in a city?!

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  1. I now this may be old news to you all, but vert gazon doesn't come in a city???? That is so annoying. After seeing Katie Holmes with that tdf day, I had to have one. It doesn't come in a city, and a green day w/gh doesn't work for me for the summer. BUMMER. I really hope the fall green is fantastic. I need green, red, violet and black this f/w.
  2. It doesn't come in a City?! Are we sure about that? I coulda sworn I saw a vert gazon City being carried by a woman I saw while shopping at Banana Republic. Then again, I didn't get close enough to see if it was authentic. Hmmmm.
  3. I Know that it comes in a part time and a day, the SA at balny (on the phone) told me that it wasn't made in the city w/ rh or the city period.
  4. I have seen the vert gazon city with RH, GH and the vert gazon PT at NM, San Diego.

    I don't think you wanna shop there any more after having that bad experience, though.... : (

    Anywayz, jut to let you know...hope it helps.

    Good luck ! : )
  5. It DOES comes in city, my friend got one:yes:
  6. It comes in a city because I have one.
  7. maybe she meant they are out of it? I ordered one from BalNY when it first came out. I've also seen it at Barney's.
  8. Luisaviaroma has them - if you want me to send you the pdf, e-mail me. You would have to e-mail them, and check on the current stock. :smile:
  9. it definitely comes in a city...they had them at bny when i bought my french blue city
  10. Maybe the sa meant that they were out of them. Oh well, regardless, saves me $$$ in the long run. I have to keep my eye on the prize.... VIOLET!
  11. ]

    It does come in a city, I saw it at Neimans. They had vert gazon in small and city at the Neimans at the Garden State Plaza in Paramus, NJ. Just saw it yesterday actually!:yes: