What the...??? Two city bags, Two Different Strap Lengths!!!!! Newbie needs help !!!!

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  1. I am SO confused! Please help this Bal newbie !!!!!
    I am buying my first City, and decided to order a few from Nordstroms as I have never seen any IRL. I am a loyal customer, and the SA said it was fine to have a variety sent to make sure I got the one I wanted. The SA did NOT mention anything about the straps when I ordered by phone.
    Today the bags arrived- and to my surprise these two city bags have totally different strap lengths.
    One strap is really long, and one seems normal.
    The reason these bags look alike is that the SA said they were both tagged black, but she thinks the one with the longer strap is anthracite....( advice on that too please! )
    What is going on here?
    ps : I am starting another thread with photos of all of them after I get this strap question sorted out!

  2. That is soo weird....I think the longer one is a strap for the Part Time... how tall are you btw?

    I'm pretty sure the shorter strap belongs to the city... somehow the straps got mix matched.
  3. wow, these are both city bags? can you adjust the strap of the city to make it smaller, like you can on a courier? i think someone swapped straps on one of the bags most definitely!! was either of these a return?
  4. That`s my daughter in the photo, she is about 5'6.
    I thought at first the Anthracite was a PT, but it is obviously the same size as the other one.
    Both definitely City bags.
    The wierd thing is that the strap is a perfect match to the bag, so if someone swapped it out it was from a bad with very similar leather.
    Does anyone have any thoughts as to whether the long strapped bag is actually anthracite? It is definitely lighter than the black, not as saturated- but maybe just a lighter black?
    I love that long strapped bag the best of all of them - but what will happen if I want to sell it later and it has this strange strap?!
  5. Nicole 2730 - The long strap is not adjustable. Wish it was !
    It really is too long, I`m afraid......it just does not hang well if I am holding the bag by the handles. I suppose I could remove it, but I figure if you are going to spend alot of $$$ getting the bag you want, it should be pretty close to perfect.....
    Otherwise that anthra color is beautiful, and the leather is very soft already....
  6. I just called the store, and they do not carry Part-Times, so they said the bag must have come to them with that strap on.Bummer ! I LOVE that bag otherwise!
  7. if you love it, switch the straps. someone else obviously did! are they really two different colors? i can't tell from these pics. :confused1:

    anyway, that longer strap is from a part time, so someone somewhere switched straps along the way...
  8. The one with long strap does look like Anthra IMO. But could not figure out why it's with a PT strap, the only reason I could figure is like nicole's, someone somewhere switched them... However, I think there is quite a numbers of ppl wish their Cities had a long strap as a PT does! I even remember there is one thread re the OP made a matching color long strap for her City. Don't you like to wear your city like a messenger bag?
  9. I would guess the longer strap came either from a Part-Time or Pom-Pom...
  10. well, I've never had a city, so I have never worn it at all. Since I am rather top-heavy, I usually don`t wear bags across my chest. I was just trying it on again and it is so beautiful- the leather is just divine. Hmmmm.......
    I suppose I COUld just let the strap hang down a few inches- you don`t think that would look too wierd?
  11. No, there is no way I could switch the straps. One is Black-black, and smooth leather.
    The longer-strapped one is light black, or anthracite (jury is still out on the color...) and a bit distressed and soft.
    I know it is hard to tell from the photos but they are really different colors.
  12. Yeah the longer straped bag is def anthra! Honestly it doesnt look that bad, i know these bags are very pricey and you should feel a 100% with them, why dont you return it for another? (Nordstroms i hear has a great retuen policy) If not its a gorgeous bag and i rarley use the starp on my city.
  13. HM... Pilates, I sent you a PM about this but NVM.

    I asked an SA I know whose brother is an SA at BG to see if he could order me a PT strap.... as I was going to use the PT strap w/ another BAL bag.
    The BG SA said that BAL said that switching straps "de-authenticates" the bag. SOOOO... what you might want to do is contact BAL and ask them, maybe...?? If you love the Anthra city, I would think that Nordy's could order you the correct strap.

    I don't know. I still say I'd love to have a city w/ a PT strap... BUT if it's going to obliterate the bags VALUE, maybe not...??

    RATS... I was liking that city w/ the PT strap.....
  14. In the picture that you have the two bags sitting side by side they do look like they are two different colors. It seems like the error came from Bal if Nordstrom's doesn't carry PT. Don't know what to tell you.
  15. I would return the Anthra to Nordies, but it is almost the last one - the very last one is on hold for a week, until I think the 30th. They will call me if it becomes available.
    What to do? I do not really want to have a bag that I cannot re-sell if I decide to down the road..... I think I will just have to wait until another one comes along later...I am going to post photos of all 4 black bags shortly- I had already decided not to take the Black City GGH, and the Black City RH ( beauties, just not my style- ) but I took photos of all of them, kinda cute to see them all lined up together!
    I think all will be returned in a day or so ( sigh....)