what the SS08 Red will look like?

  1. Gals,

    we've seen what the SS08 yellow looks like. Has anyone seen the red yet? I believe it's called coral red or something. Any of you have any pictures yet. I'm dying for a red balanciaga bag!!!
  2. So I am! I really wanna see the new red?? Does anyone have pics?
  3. I saw a picture of the color swatch at NM in Las Vegas. It didn't look red to me at all. Rather, it looked like a true coral color...very disappointing as I'm still searching for the perfect red B bag :sad:
  4. If I remember correctly, the description (as provided by Bal-NYC) for the Coral Red was "true Coral Red" ... so, it sounds like that might be the case, no?

    Oooooooooh ... where's the pic for the Yellow; that's what I'm craving!?
  5. CeeJay - not sure what BalNY calls coral red but the NM swatch was coral with no sign of red to be found :sad:
  6. i remember seeing the swatch somewhere.. it's called VERMILLON with no i!? :confused1: but it looked kind of orangey... like a diluted red sort of...

  7. Have you looked at Tomato? It is such a beautiful true red. I can't stop looking at my tomato City! yummmm!:yes::heart:
  8. Hi All, here is a sample photo I received of a Vermillion Step. The Europeans are calling it Vermillion, while BalNY is calling it "Coral Red".
    vermillion step.jpg
  9. Oh wow, thanks for the pic! I was totally curious about spring 08 red, as well. I wonder how it compares to tomato and rouge vif? Can't wait to see it IRL.
  10. You are welcome! It is hard to say from just seeing one photo, not really knowing the lighting it was taken in, etc, but it appears quite a bit brighter than Tomato and Rouge VIF IMO. I really do see Coral tones.
  11. Wow E! It looks awesome in your sample pic! If only I could carry off a colour like that....it is intense!:nuts:
  12. WOW........E...thank you! That color is nothing like the NM sample I saw. It's fabulous :love:
  13. this color is HOT!! :nuts:
  14. This is what I was referring to: http://forum.purseblog.com/balenciaga/here-they-2008-swatches-pics-we-can-get-196819.html

    As you can see, BalNY is calling it "Coral Red". Coral, in it's natural state, can be anything from a dark red to a light pink (angel skin), even white or black! While I haven't seen the swatch in person (having only viewed it in the above thread), I can only assume that BalNY was referring to a Coral with red undertones. It kind of makes sense that the Europeans would refer to this color as Vermillon, beats me why BalNY would refer to it as "Coral Red"!

  15. Thank you for the sneak pic. Is there an orange undertone to this bag? Sorry I'm a little color undertone blind :p I was hoping it would be a bright blue red. Oh well!