What the safest items to get for the vernis line?

  1. I've always loved the vernis line but never bought anything from this line before as I heard that it's so hard to take care... :sad: :shame: If there are any scratches, it will be there forever... If there's any stain, there's no way to remove it... :Push: I prefer getting something that will last me for very very long time, :shame: so usually stick to the monogram and damier line. Just wondering, IF I would to really get something from the vernis line, what items would be the safest to get? Things that are less likely to get dirty fast and less chances to get scratches..? Thanks for the opinions..! :flowers:
  2. I'd get something in a bronze, framboise or indigo color. Maybe a keycase or something? Would you be wanting a bag or a smaller piece?
  3. I don't know actually... :shame: I thought that if I get a bag, it will get dirty and I'm afraid of color transfer... Then I thought of getting some small accessories like cles or something so that it will be protected as it's placed inside my bag. But then again, what if it gets scrathes from other stuffs in my bag? :shame: Oh, so much to worry... :P
  4. Well..if you're going for a bag, I'd go for maybe a Lexington then, in one of the colors I suggested (preferrably indigo or bronze.) It's an occasional use bag, and you'd have a vernis piece, but use it for special occasions so you wouldn't be using it everyday if you didn't want to.
  5. Why have all these worries.
    If there's a style that you like just buy it and enjoy it.
    I understand wanting to have your stuff look new for a long time, but not buying something b/c of scratches, dirt, etc is a bit extreme.

    How about this, it sounds like you have a bit of bags, so why not buy something you like in Vernis in the colors Lvbabydoll suggested (also add red to that list...I have yet to see anything go wrong with that color) and use it mainly on special occasions. Your bags last longer and look new longer when you alternate between them.
    I have a beige Lexington Fleur which I use to go out with and it's lovely and in new condition. I also have a red Vernis PTI and a red Vernis FP. They both look great. I hardly use the PTI, however the FP is my everyday wallet. I bought it a couple of months ago and it has what may look like a scratch under the clasp...but really you can hardly notice it and it does not take away from the beauty of the wallet.

    What I am trying to say is that wear and tear is a given. It comes with enjoying your stuff. Don't let that stop you from buying the stuff you desire/admire/wish to have. The most care I do with my Vernis is make sure I don't rest it on print or near receipts.
  6. Definately go for the darker colors! :yes: They are less subsceptable to color transfer. I would go for a bag, becuase the wallets are pretty expensive, especially if you wouldn't use it all the time.
  7. Hey, you guys are awesome..! Thanks for the opinions... Somehow, I'm always eyeing light colors like pearl and pink, yea, maybe I should go for darker colors... :yes: I'll browse around and see what other gorgeous vernis items I can get... :P
  8. I have a beige vernis cles and a framboise agenda, they are both great! I've used the cles quite a bit and it still looks wonderful, no problems with scratching or staining.....probably b/c I hang off my purse when not using rather that throw inside??? I dunno, but I haven't had issues with vernis, at least not yet...
  9. I understand exactly what you mean about not being able to clean it. That's why I haven't bought anything vernis even though it's gorgeous. I'm guessing the indigo would be the safest bet.
  10. get the color you love the best! don't settle for a darker color just b/c it is more user friendly!! Besides, I don't know about you, but I'm pretty careful with my bags, which is probably why I haven't had any of the issues that are talked about.....
  11. I would get a shoulderbag that is comfortable enough to keep on your shoulder for long periods of time- like the Brentwood, Houston, or Minna Street- to limit the amount of time the bag has to spend on the floor, table, other surfaces, etc.
  12. Oh, I'm pretty careful too... :yes: But I know IF there's a stain or scratch on it, it will gonna bother me a lot... :P I hate it if the bag is not "perfect", if you know what I mean... I'm ok with the bag aging, you know, if the handle turns honey and all, but not if there's a stain or scratch. It's so gonna spoil the whole look of the bag... :shame: Oh, maybe I'm just too obsissive over my bags... LOL. :shame:
  13. I LOVE what Jojo says... and, vernis is just the most absolutely beautiful thing ever created (or at least one of); Rouge Brentwood,,, oh yes... I'm careful, but the more you have the less obsessive I will tend to be... I'm sure... you definately need to use them...
  14. I am pretty careful as well. Still I prefer the darker colors like the bronze.
  15. I have a Bedford in Noisette and it is one of my favorite pieces. I'm definitely thinking about getting a cles. However I did think about the dirt issue, but you know what, it's mine and I'm gonna use it til I get tired of it.