What the !#@!* is the mattah with people? & other amazing auctions…

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  1. Once again dear friends I wish to share the entertaining Fendi acquisition opportunities available for you on Ebay this week :Push::
    I know the crossword bag is popular, but like lemmings running off a cliff to the sea, this auction has attracted over 20 bids and is it up to $570….all for a Pathetic & Cheap Fake bag….I’d like to think its shill bidding, but somehow I suspect not….and after the winner shells out for the Fendi, just think, they can go for one of those seriously fake Prada Gauffres as well…:roflmfao:

    Can’t decide between a Petrol or Chocolate Spy bag? Why screw up your life by buying just one fake Fendi Spy Bag, here’s an opportunity to get Two in one auction…but watch out, there's competition, the auction already has one bid! The bags come with their own fake Fendi receipt, authenticity cards and care cards, what more could you possibly want?:roflmfao:

    • Winner of the most creative placement of a Hologram tag! :confused1:

    Most sellers hide their fake hologram tags, its nice to see a seller who just peels it off and shows it to you in all the wrong places….


    Well, as I've said before PFers...EBAY: Its Only Entertainment!!!:roflmfao:
  2. Oh I know I saw those auctions too & ebay is supposed to be cleaning up the site, duh!!!
  3. OMG!!! My eyes! My eyes! :yucky::hysteric::throwup::rant::feminist:
  4. Hahaha, thats amusing at least!! Whats with the hologram tag???? Some people are half mided....if that!!??
  5. LOL Well, at least the seller hint that it's fake in her or his pictures. Eek
  6. That's funny ... I really love the 'two for one deal' and that hologram! LOL

  7. I noticed this too--quite odd! Kinda takes away from her credibility since she is claiming they are from her personal collection. The leather on them looks rather good, though (for fakes).
  8. And LOL at that hologram--my husband finds it pretty funny, too!
  9. God, that's just sad.:tdown:
  10. LOL!!! I feel sorry for anyone who ends up with this trash!
  11. This was a good laugh. Thanks for posting baglady.
  12. Well the good news is that they have all been removed. It's scary how daring people are getting.
  13. LOL, some people are pathetic! :yucky:
  14. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: thanks for the laugh.