What the hell ?!?

  1. So I saw a bag listed on eBay the other week for $600 BIN and offers, well I was going to make an offer but run out of funds and the offer I would of made would of been well below the BIN price. The bag goes off WITHOUT a buyer.

    A week later the bag is re-listed but this time with a BIN price of $1000 :wtf:, it ends a week later without a buyer but has had an offer declined of $850 by a member with 100% feedback

    What the hell ?!?! , what is this seller thinking, I cant quite understand all this
  2. Maybe someone told them that it was worth more than they had originally listed it for? :shrugs:

    What do you think it should be worth?
  3. :confused1: i think the seller had second thoughts about selling the handbag and had trouble letting it go ??
  4. Sounds like either a confused seller! (Or possible some kind of set-up.) If you still want the bag, keep an eye on it and see what happens...maybe they'll change their mind again and relist it for less?!