What the hell kind of purse is that?!?!

  1. That is the lovely comment my hairdresser greeted me with when I wore my L'amore Stellina to my hair appointment last night.

    "What the hell kind of purse is that?!?!"

    Man, I've been so excited every time I get a chance to wear my Toki's (because I can't get away with wearing them to work). And that's what I get. Geez-louise!
  2. Was it a GOOD what the hell kind of a purse is that or a bad one? HAHAHA.
  3. some people have no manners. Everyone is always asking me what my bags are. Theyre like, Toki-whaaat? Oh theyre cuuuute. heh
  4. If someone asks me a question like that, I go "wow, you dont know what toki is?" I ask it in a way that makes them feel like a fashion retard for not knowing! hahah, Im evil like that and I cannot stand rudeness either!
  5. That's just rude :cursing: You should've shown her what kinda purse it was like this :bagslap:
  6. hahah ur so cute jen but then again, shes the hairdresser! I dont mess with anyone that has access to my hair, face, and food. Ever see the movie "waiting"? hilarious but gross!
  7. haha I got a compliment on my toki today~ A saleswoman at Macy's XD?? She was like "your bag! I'm taken aback!"

    The funny thing is... it was MACY'S. And the one Macy's in the universe that's never heard of toki :cry:
  8. Good, good point, I didn't think about that. The hairdresser was the one with the scissors, huh? I've never seen that move you're talking about but she could've shown her what it was after the haircut :idea:!!
  9. ha! Good philosophy!

    I know she wasn't trying to be mean. I think she was just shocked by it... and since I've been going to her for SO many years, we really don't censor ourselves. - But it really just burst my bubble.
  10. aww QueenLouis .. I'm sorry she had that kind of reaction!! :sad:

    well .. we all love your l'amore stellina :biggrin:
  11. Amore Stellina's are amazingly cute!!! (haha of course i have one :-P) QueenLouis, i'd take it as a compliment! you sure got a reaction out of her :smile:

  12. OT...but you look so CUTE in your picture!:p
  13. I agree, that is a rude comment about the amore stellina. I'm sorry Queen Louis!!

    This is the way I see Toki-bags. With all the $$ I spent on Toki purses, I could have just bought a really nice Gucci purse or something like that, but how BORING. I think Tokidoki purses are way more fun and expressive.

    Even though some people are shocked or confused about Toki-prints, they are still somewhat curious and usually people want to take a closer look. Tokidoki purses are way more interesting to talk about than some other brands =)
  14. About the bags I carry, I've been lucky enough to only get "that is a COOL bag!" and a majority of them came from GUYS. XD

    The few rude comments I did get was when I returned a L'Amore, the SA sneered and said "what is this, a beach bag?"

    Also when I was looking for Smashbox's tokidoki line at Sephora when they were just released, the SA couldn't get her head around the name "toe-key-dough-key? tor-key-dough-key?" and when she finally got it, she asked the rest of the staff if they've seen it via her headset thingie and while waiting for an answer she STILL kept making fun of the name "yeah, toki-DORKY"... Thanks lady. It's not like I'm standing RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE WANTING this so called "toky-dorky".
  15. someone at work today was admiring my bag and the lady across was like its too loud for me(meanng herself)

    i was like eh ok.. i like it