What the hell is up with customer relations???

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  1. Everytime I call customer relations I can never get to speak to someone from the actual boutique, it's always an SA that tells me they take calls for that particular store, it pisses me off so much, I've had several orders screwed up from them so called forwarding my information to a certain boutique. Has anyone else had problems through customer relations or is it just me??? :confused1:
  2. Never had a problem with the 866 number... maybe you should go to the official site and find the number to a specific boutique.
  3. I've done that, I never get the actual store, it's always a customer relations SA.
  4. If you go into a boutique, the SA's cards have the store number on them. I always call her up before I go in..
  5. some of the buzier stores like SF,BH,houston etc have the 866 answer there calls for them. But, they do have direct #s on there cards at the store.
  6. Just a thought but how many stores am I suppose to go to???
  7. there's only one in my state.
  8. I have found that even the direct numbers on the cards are often forwarded to the 866 number. It is kind of a pain, IMO...
  9. yup! I once thought I called a particular Vuitton store and had them place 2 Groom items on hold for me.. and when I got to the store, they didn't know what I was talking about!!! AND they didn't have the items in stock!
  10. I know what you mean all the UK stores go straight to customer services even if you call the number listed as the store it's really frustrating. but recently I got "the number"!! to call direct I was so excited, honestly it harder to get than the miroirs
  11. Yep, and this bugs me....:sad:
  12. This happens to me every time. It's a call center but they don't tell you it's a call center so it's very misleading.
  13. I've never had that problem. I always get in to ALL 4 of the LV store in this area.
  14. I have never had this problem either. :shrugs: I just call the store dierct.
  15. Same here.