What the Hell is Up With Bluefly??!

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  1. Every time I put something in my cart, a HUGE credit is applied. I mean HUGE. About 85% off. What the hell is going on??? Is this some sort of scam. I'm scared! And confused! Cause I want to buy more....:confused1:
  2. What are you putting in your cart? Bags? Clothes?
  3. Don't question it! Just do it!!!!!
  4. why doesnt that happen to me!!
  5. ^^^ LOL. Elongreach, you are hilarious!! Of course,that was my first decision. Then, I thought... what if they actually CHARGE ME? I don't care about the one thing that I bought (cause I really want it, LOL), but what about the rest that I may be compelled to buy because of the "credit"? I have something in my cart that has a HUGE credit... I know they screwed up with an order in the past and I told them that I would NEVER use them again. Is this their way of getting me back? I'm so confused and scared yet excited...

    Has this happened to anyone else?
  6. I second Elongreach, haha! Well I just added something to my cart just to see, but no credit. darnit!
  7. envyme: Is there any information listed in the Credits section on your My Account screen at Bluefly?
  8. Haha! No kidding! Print the cart page and then make sure it jives with your cc statement after its been shipped! SHOP ON, GIRL!
  9. Must be something wrong with their system. I ordered ABS evening gown, they shipped me a Nicole Miller gown, which is almost $250 more than what I paid. I called them, they didn't even know. Since I like the dress, so I told them that I'll keep the dress, but they can't charge me the difference! I don't know..whether it's a good thing or not..I'm affraid they might charge me later. :shrugs:
  10. How bizarre! It's too good to be true, no? I would run for the hills. Too scared they might charge my cc and then it would be a major P.I.T.A. to correct. Just IMHO
  11. I don't know that's never happened to me!
  12. So Envyme, did you ever take advantage of credit? Did you end up buying anything?
  13. Dont look that gift horse in the mouth!
  14. Wish I had that kind of luck when I'm ordering one of those chloe bags.
  15. If you print out the checkout page,etc you can dispute any addt'l charges w your credit card company! Their mistake~tough luck on them!