what the hell is my new YSL???

  1. I have recently been treated to a new handbag!!!Yey!!! My husband very generously was going to get me one of the new Chloe paddingtons in a soft grey/sand color with satin finished steel padlock and hardware.Here lies the problem,i was totally in love with it until recently,it has become so copied and faked in the uk that most style concious brits are avoiding it, and it is being veiwed as the the new Burberry 'chav must have', a real shame on so many levels( I have adored it for so,so long and finally we are in a financial position for me to own one I have backed out of it :crybaby:)
    Anyway,after being typically British,and not wanting to appear in anyway to be making a faux pas I decided to keep searching, endlessly,and then it happened,I was walking thru Harvey Nichols saw it and in a glance totally lost my heart to a YSL white satchel. I have got this bag for summer,I am so smitten and I have never wished for the summer so hard,I keep peeking in the dustbag and stroking it!!! And its only jus turned Autumn/Fall here!!! I don't know how to put a pic up on here so I'm so hoping a detailed description will do?
    Its white nappa leather,flap top,single strap,one off centre pocket to front,one on each end with flap tops,two slim straps underneath(not sure what they are for,but they do work with the whole look) It has a very soft structure,more from the seams than any rigid 'internal box work' and the metal work/hardware is a very soft gold color, ladies,any ideas? My nick-name of 'summer honey' will probably always stick but would so love to know a bit more,thank u so very much if u read this and help me xxxxxx:love:
  2. :confused1:

    Hope you can post a pic soon!

    (Check the feedback forum for instructions ;))
  3. congrats on your new bag. Unfortunately Im not sure which bag in particular you are refering to - i would love to help though, so if you can post a pic maybe it can help us out!
  4. okay! done the pics on my digital camera and I am just in the process of calling my hubby,Andy who's away on business,to find out how I get the pics onto the laptop and then get them on here!!! And I have to say a HUGE,HUGE thank you to both of you and I will be sorting it asap!! xxxxxxxxx
  5. okay here are the pics.........................had to re-take the pix as the first ones I took the resolution was too high,so Andy talked me thru re-setting camera etc,so I hope these look ok and I successfully manage to get them on here for you to see!!!
    ysl satchel(summer honey!) 005.JPG
  6. and if I do I will be soooooooooooooooo pleased as I did this nearly all by myself and I've only been using the computer a couple of months,and Andy is always too busy to show me, and thank you to the lady who pointed me in the right direction to putting pics on here..........Big kiss xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx!!:love:
    ysl satchel(summer honey!) 002.JPG ysl satchel(summer honey!) 003.JPG ysl satchel(summer honey!) 004.JPG ysl satchel(summer honey!) 005.JPG
  7. WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!! Done it! thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Thanks for the pics! :tup:

    I have never seen this YSL bag and hope others can help you identify your lovely bag! I really like it!

  9. It's really pretty! What's the year on the card inside? That would help...
  10. thats a good idea, oops I will have to find it,I really should,nt be left in charge of nice things,or important ones!!!!!!!
  11. ok here is all the cards and paperwork that came with it,it was the Downtown bit that really threw me,as Downtowns I'm familiar with don't look like this!!! Thats what started all this cos I think it may be the wrong paperwork,but it was in the bag when I bought it?? I have also taken acouple more photos in daylight so you can get a better idea of the color and see the details a little better.I,m glad you like it,as I said I passed up a Chloe Paddington and then went for this,its probably not to everyone taste but I do really love it!!!! and thank you once again for your replies!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  12. oops forgot to attach the pics! what a numbskull!!!
    my collection of stuff!!!! 003.JPG my collection of stuff!!!! 009.JPG my collection of stuff!!!! 008.JPG my collection of stuff!!!! 007.JPG my collection of stuff!!!! 006.JPG
  13. Does the #172462 match any number found inside the bag? That number does belong to a YSL downtown and is etched on the back of the inside tag.

    Does the bag have a label on an inside pocket?
  14. I have never seen this bag before, you mentioned u got it at harvey nicks was it the one in London? I hope someone can identify it for you, its very nice.
  15. it was at the Harvet Nicks in Manchester,I have had a look at the label,and the number is embossed underneath it! I had looked in it a couple of times and found nothing but have just gone back and discovered the label is like a flap! Anyhow the 172462 does correspond with the bag,but the number after that is 204990. I was passing,so I popped into H Nics and a really helpful young chap asked if I knew the approx date,then went to look on the till history for me to see if there was a description at point of sale,while I was waiting for him to come back a rather stern sa came over asked 'I was sure had got it from here because I work on YSL and dont remember it,do you a bank statement with you for exact date of purchase, do you have any proof you bought it here because I don't remember it,and if you have a problem with it you have to have a proof of purchase,what have you done with it?' I then went on to explain that there was no problem,I was passing and thought I would ask what it was called,thats all,she started again with the same questions in a more irate tone. I could'nt just walk out because the young chap was still away checking for me,in the end under this barrage of accusatory line of 'assistance' I snapped back 'well isn't it just a shame you were'nt serving me,you'd know what it is because it would still be bloody well be here for you to look at!!!!' Luckily,at this point the young chap came back with the till info and said it was only described as a white satchel on their system,I thanked him and left none the wiser and v.angry with her!!!!