What the Hell is going on w/ the weather?????

  1. It has been gorgeous all week here in NY! Birds chirping, 60 degrees and above, light coats or no coats at all! Today we've got snow and freezing rain w/ accumlations expected of 4 - 7 inches by tomorrow! Yesterday, I was in a t-shirt jogging and today I'm freaking freezing my tushie off and don't want to leave the house!!!
    This must be some cruel joke!:cursing:
    Spring better make up it's mind or I'm moving to Florida, none of my in-laws live there so it will be safe.
  2. I hear you, I am in NJ. The kids were out in shorts throwing water balloons at each other and this morning is is so cold. I hated to get out to the bus stop at 7:00AM. We are only expecting one inch of sleet/snow then more rain. I wonder if it will all freeze up? I am ready to move back to Florida, I am not a winter person.
    Stay warm.
  3. Here in AZ, it was normal 60-70s 2 weeks ago, then last week in the 80s, and this week in the 90s!
  4. I'm so jealous! I want snow so bad and all we get is rain. Although I like the rain - that's why it's so green here. But I want it to come in the form of cold white stuff sometimes! lol

    Just wait...come July we'll all be complaining because it's too hot. :smile:
  5. Tell me about! Its such a pain. My bubble coat is back on as is my scarf and hat! oh where the hell is spring?!
  6. The past wk and half here in So Calif it hit up to 95!! :wtf: Is that crazy or what?!?!?!?! It's still technically winter too!

    Last wk the temps ranged from 83-95. Today it's supposed to be 86.


    Whatever....LOL, gives me good reason to use my Azur Speedy all the more!!! So that's a + !! :p
  7. Haha ... I know its crazy right now. Its snowing. :nuts:
  8. Two words: Global Warming.
  9. It's been glorious here in Holland and now they're predicting low temps with possible snow next week! Dang it, all my tulips, which came up early with the warm weather, are going to die.
  10. yuuupppp :s
  11. YEP!:yes:
  12. The weather has smoothed out here, but a couple weeks ago it was going from snowing to sunshine within 15 minutes. It drove me nuts.
  13. Same thing will be happening here in Germany in the next few days! I went out walking today in a short sleeved shirt :biggrin:
  14. it was 73 in boston when i was there on wednesday.. now were (40 minutes north of boston) getting 5 to 10" of snow today! what a tease!
  15. It always happens - as soon as I put my thick coat away the cold weather returns.
    It's been glorious here - sunshine most days and really mild. The garden is convinced spring is here, my magnolia is about to flower!
    Thankfully I hadn't cleared the log pile as we're now being warned gales and snow are on the way....
    So my old granny was right when she said ' don't change your clout (clothes) until May is out'.