What the HELL happened to me?

  1. I'm going through something very strange and I was wondering if any of you fine PFers have experienced this: lately I've been craving and only buying non-designer, non-obviously expensive bags. I've been feeling that my LVs or Guccis aren't, dare I say, "pretty" anymore. I actually kind of feel embarrassed when I carry them, as if I'm saying "hey, look at me, I own an expensive bag". I've been craving bags that are more understated. For example, I just bought 2 Cole Haan's, 2 Elaine Turner's, 2 Donald J Pliner's, 1 Cynthia Rowley and 1 Buti. They were still expensive (around $400-500 each), but I feel better and more "original" carrying them around. To those who carry monorgrammed bags, please don't take offense. I'm not saying one is better than the other. I'm just trying to figure out what the hell happened to me! Also, I want to know if any of you feel the same, or have purchased less recognizable handbags? Is so, please share:yes:
  2. I think our taste change all the time. I say go with the flow, just put the fancier bags away for a bit, I'm sure you'll come back to them.
  3. Wear them all with a big smile on your face! Nothing wrong with the way you feel.
  4. When I was 16, I started buying designer handbags, and I wanted the labels to show. I wanted everyone to know what brand I was carrying. Then again, going to a boarding school will do that to you. Starting 2 or 3 years ago, when I moved out to Tucson, I didn't want anyone to know what I was carrying (or at least obvious). So, I started buying LV in the epi line, and all leather handbags that didn't really have any obvious marks on them. I now do not use any of my old monograms or anything that is "brand obvious". In fact I find myself turning my epi's around so the LV on the bottom corner is not showing, but rather against my body. It's not just you, as we mature our tastes change.

  5. It's OK for tastes to change over time, or swing one way and then back the next. Just hold onto your other bags for awhile and you will probably come back to them.

    I like a variety of bags...some understated and some not. I'm finding now I'm getting more monogram and signature stuff (LV, Coach) as I don't wear patterns too much and like a little 'pop.' But it's nice having the choice. I'm sure at some point I'll go back to more understated bags.

    So, enjoy whatever bag your heart fancies!
  6. I try to avoid using designer logo name brand to work. I was using Coach purse for about a year and I noticed that not one of my superiors (Judges) was using a designer label bags. Just the clerks. So I decided that there is no need to show off, so I got Botkier instead. I love the large pockets, it's so pratical but I have not brought it to work yet. I sure hope that that my bag is unknown at work.:s
  7. I only had "label fever" for a few months in 1965, some people have it all their lives, but most, I think, at some point, transition more to a "do I like it?" sort of fashionview.

    Just as with clothes and makeup, with time, we all learn more about what looks good on us, regardless of what is in style right now, or which is the hottest "must-have" label, and with purses, I think it is a similar thing, just moving toward seeing them as this fabulous accessory and having fun choosing which one looks best with which outfit.

    And whether you are rich or poor, if you buy less expensive purses, you can have more of them, and thus give each outfit more candidates with which to parade in front of the mirror to see which one wins today! :smile:
  8. I like what everyone has said. Rather than concentrating on the brand, just carry what works for you and you enjoy. We're always changing and that's good. I have a $30 (after coupons and discounts) bag that I've gotten tons of compliments on and it's in the closet along with the expensive ones. You're fine and completely normal.
  9. I totally agree with what others have said. Hold on to your flashier bags, as your taste may evolve back into them at some point. But I think it is only wise to have more understated bags as well as obvious designer ones. It gives you more versatility for different occasions.
  10. I am exactly at the stage that ShimmaPuff mentions: "Do I like it?" I just love handbags and only buy the ones I really like, not because they are designer bags. I do not care if they are less recognizable.

    Don't feel guilty! It's OK to have a unique style. Enjoy your less recognizable, yet expensive bags!!!
  11. I like to think that bags are a personality thing ( eg as mentioned above, "Do I like it?")and not just a status symbol. If you can carry a bag with confidence and love it regardless of what it cost than go crazy! Bags need love too.
  12. i personally love coach but do not love LV or gucci or fendi
    i just dont like their patterns as much
    and so i have sold off all those types of bags as i cant see myself ever wanting to use them
    and now i spend my $ on bags like botkier, and Tods, and Gustto, and Kooba, etc,,, bags that i adore but that dont SCREAM their brand,, i just have come to feel its not my style
    but to each his own, but i am in the same place as you are,, but i dont see myself going back to my logo bags and i just plain came to think more and more every time i saw them that i thought they were uglly
  13. A very interesting thread! Although I know that a monogrammed bag screams out its brand (and with it, its price), that is not how I view monograms. I like certain monograms because of the way they look, as in the design of them. I like LV's mini mono (but not the regular mono), and the guccisimmo, but do not like Dior's or goyard's.
    Yes, for some people monograms can just be about the brand, but for others it's just a pretty pattern. So I still lovingly carry my mini monos. And I also like the CCs on my Chanels.
    But I can totally understand the desire for understatedness, that's why I absolutely love Bottega Veneta.
  14. To be honest with you, I have felt the same way. Just recently actually. I started feeling like I was asking for attention when I carried my monogram handbags. So I started buying the more subtle lines. Like the Louis Vuitton Epi line. I love love LOOOOOOVE the leather. It's amazing. I started doing the same with sunglasses. Buying not so obvious designer styles. Then I thought about it...I was feeling bad for carrying items that I bought myself. Money I worked for and saved up so I can have those luxury goods, and not anyone else. I guess I'm over that phase. I don't feel as bad anymore. I know I shouldn't feel bad. I still have no idea what came over me. I love all my bags and I love wearing them proudly. I have no one to impress.
  15. Funny how time changes a person. I like the expensive label and I don't have any issues carrying them...maybe b/c I couldn't afford them a few years ago and now I can..or so I'd like to think ..:p. I posted a few months ago about how I didn't care for the logo look, especially LV and Dior, b/c it was a lot of money to pay for canvas. Well....Lo and behold, I have recently been bitten by the LV BUG, especially the Epi, Vernis and even some of the Mono designs. I still love my MJ, Chloe, Gucci etc. but I also love my Botkier, Goldenbleu and Tanner Krolle handbags. I have given second looks to some less expensive brands, still in the 200-600 dollar range and would consider buying if I liked them. I noticed my taste varies and I just flow with it. I buy bags that stand out in a crowd, it's just the way I am.