What the hell did you you do to that speedy?

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  1. Make it stop please! Oh the pain of seeing that speedy, I am harmed forever, yikes!
  2. WOW:wtf:. prob fake i can't see somone doing that to an almost new auth bag. also the LV's look a little dull
  3. :wtf:
  4. Ugh, if this was real they could have at least been tasteful with the personal touch. It looks childish.

    It looks very fake to me, if you look at the back of the handles it's really scruffy. Who would want a piece of art on a FAKE bag? lol

  5. i think it's prob fake too becuase they say you are nit bidding on a vuitton bag you are bidding on the "art" ( i use the term loosely)
  6. omg this is the first time I'm actually hoping the bag would be fake
  7. Goodness, my eyes!!
  8. oh yuck:yucky:
  9. ITA!
  10. the bag is fake ...


    look the handles and the zipper pull. Even painting it doesnt make it any better. I like the paint job but the bag :tdown:

    Either way I hope no one pays 500$ for that POS.
  11. thank god that bag is fake:tdown:
  12. it'a a fake speedy
  13. actually know you post that pics it's obvious it's fake LOL like I said I could tear my eyes away from the paint LOL
  14. Ewwww... i just threw up in the back of my mouth a little...