What the heck????

  1. I just had a potential bidder ask me to send her pictures of the date code and heat stamp of my cerises bag, she says she is a PF member, I asked her what was her forum name, but anyways, what the hell is up with the heat stamping question, please correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought that heat stamping was the embossed initials in the bag, right??
  2. Well ask her. If you don't have a heat stamp on the bag, maybe she was mistaking that for something else.
  3. it's actually both. the heat stamp of where it's made is one, and the embossed initials is another... they're both heat stamps
  4. yea, it sounds like she was asking for the date code.
  5. But the buyer wants a pic of BOTH the heat stamp and the date code. If she just wanted a pic of the date code. Why would she mention a heat stamp? Unless when she says heat code she means the date code. This is really something that the buyer should be clarifying. I would ask her what she meant before I put words in her mouth.
  6. Yeah maybe she means the date code and the stamping on the tab that says Louis Vuitton etc. to make sure the font is right.
    Take pictures of both just to be sure :yes:
  7. I believe the heat stamps that potential bidder asks are both where it's made, and the date code.
  8. I think by heat stamp, she meant the "Made in" stamp.
  9. I would say she is asking for a photo of the stamp that says "Louis Vuitton Paris made in XXXX" That is what they often refer to as a heat stamp in the "authenticate this" thread.
  10. Just a tip...

    If you want your pics to come out clear, try not using the flash. Try taking pics of the trademark heat stamp [Louis Vuitton Paris made in ______] and date code stamp outside or somewhere near a window. ;)
  11. That's what I always refer to it as. :Push:
  12. Turning on the "macro" option on your camera makes the closed-up picture clearer. :biggrin:
  13. you have to take a closer shot using the macro mode of your digital camera (the flower setting). it takes good close up shots when you put it in that setting.

    she wants you to take the picture of the heat stamp, the thing that says "LOUIS VUITTON PARIS made in ....."

    you pictures doesn't show a clear heat stamp. it's too bright and very far. take out the flash and use macro mode (flower setting). your hand have to be really steady when you use the macro mode so it'll take clear shots.
  14. Yea, :yes: I agree that the heatstamp she meant must be the stamping on the tab. The one in your pix are blinded by the flash so it cannot be seen clearly. Gorgeous bag, btw. ;)