What the heck ?!

  1. http://cgi.ebay.com/New-Auth-Louis-Vuitton-Multicolor-Pochette-White_W0QQitemZ140203725432QQihZ004QQcategoryZ63852QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

    I am dying to know the story behind this. The bag appears to have a Saks Off 5th tag on it.. but why ?! It also seems to be marked (to prevent returns) - LV doesn't mark their bags though (except for employee purchases). Also, imperfect items just aren't sold, so how is this being sold with a tear in it?

    Was there a discount on this ? Just what is going on !

    Theory 1: this is actually not LV's item anymore. I've heard of Louis Vuitton items being taken back by the department store where the counter is located in situations of an irate (important) customer who has been turned down by Louis Vuitton themselves. Perhaps the department store is then selling it on its own?

    Anyone care to weigh in ?
  2. I'm thinking this one was meant to be sent back to LV to be sold at the employee sale or destroyed since there was something wrong with it (she said it was a display).
    And also, who's to say she didn't stick that Off 5th tag on there herself? The price is torn off so you can't tell what amount was on there.
  3. Hmm... bag is actually used, tag is actually for something else, seller retagged it with the Saks tag? lol, idk - can't think of why it would have a Saks Off 5th tag.
  4. I wonder if she just hits up SAKs to resell.. she's also got a Chanel ! :nuts:

    That's the weird thing though, if it was a display (and the tag wasn't just attached!), I wonder how it got routed to Off 5th - I mean, LV has their own modes of dealing with their product and since it's a lease counter, its products are separate in inventory?

    In any case, WEIRD !
  5. ^Yeah, if it did at all.
    I think she may have put that tag on herself. If it DID get there though, they could really be in big trouble, they're not authorized to send items there. I'd still love to know what was on that tag.
  6. Probably a much cheaper price for one. :lol:
  7. very interesting
  8. I am assuming she put the Off 5th tag on herself/himself because I agree with Rebecca, a vendor/leased dept. would be in so much trouble if they were to "discount" LV. The tag actually makes me question the authenticity rather than trust it, since we know LV doesn't wholesale or discount,KWIM?

    The only other thing I can think of is this is an employee who is reselling the item they bought at the employee sale and they are trying to "lose the scent" of the origination point by putting an Off 5th tag on. I have heard of employees being fired for reselling items on eBay or for buying friends items and getting caught so maybe they are covering their tracks.

    I would love to know though!