What the heck kind of question is this?

  1. I’m selling a bag for the first time on eBay. I’m very nervous after reading some of the horror stories on this board. :s

    Anyway, no one has asked any questions until now. But the message I just got isn’t really a question. Do people spam you through eBay??

    “hi friend
    excuse me we are the wholesaler of shoes bags jeans wallets watches from china
    who has cooperated with eBay sellers for a long time,can supply best price and sevrices
    give us one chance ,most important give you one chance do not hesitate to contact with us
    by (They left their email address here)

    What does that mean?? This person has no feedback. Is it common to get spam like this through eBay? I also noticed since I last checked I got one more watcher. Hopefully it is not this person. I stated I wouldn’t ship out of the US. Hopefully I don’t get phony bids. :confused1:
  2. Yes, it is very common to get these kind of spam emails when you are listing handbags. Just ignore it and delete.

    They aren't your "watcher". They mail out tons of these emails and hope someone bites.

    good luck with your auction!
  3. ^^Okay, phew! :sweatdrop:
  4. Those messages are soooooooooooo annoying, you can report them to ebay......I get a lot from China....starting with "are you boring now".....its a standing joke with my hubby and I........"are you boring now dear?"

  5. those are computer generated. that is why the fakers can have so many IDs.
  6. I thought you need to enter in credit card information to sign up for an account? I didn’t know it was so easy to do, that a computer can just generate tons of them.

    I got all excited too. I thought someone had a question. No one is asking any, so maybe it won’t sell. I have a few watchers though.
  7. When selling a designer brand you receive lots of these stupid messages. I used to report them, but now I just delete them. Also in a few days you will most likely receive an ebay message telling you not to respond, etc.
    I have noticed now though that a lot seem to come from US accounts that haven't been used for a year or more, most probably hijacked accounts that why they always ask you to send an email to some other address.
    All said and done they are extremely annoying!
  8. I've gotten many of these emails. Forward them to eBay if you still have them. No one is allowed to contact you to try to sell you other items.
  9. They are extremely frustrating!!! In a period of a week, I got 60+ messages from these bastards all from hijack accounts, all for the other item! I used to report them, but then I'd get 60+ emails from ebay to say thank you for contacting ebay, and another 60+ to say ebay is looking into it. Now I just delete them, and get 60+ warning messages from ebay instead. How is it that these guys are able hack into so many accounts? It's definitely a concern! Hacking into someone's account and sending spam is one thing, they could do so much worse!
  10. dont even reply to them though = I know a lot of people reply and put the replies in the bottom of their listing - dont even do that
  11. I get at least 5 of these every day....soooo fed up with them
  12. In a day or so you will get an alert from EBay in regards to the spam. Don't let that alarm you.
  13. Haha... I got spammed by the same people! I just ignored it and deleted it. I don't know how they managed to do that- but its quite a rude way of marketing. :s And what is up with the fact that they DON'T seem to have an eBay account? Total scam.
  14. They set up ebay accounts on Ebay China (where, incidentally, listings are free), do one transaction, get 1 feedback, and go a'spamming. IMO Ebay needs to 'de-link' the Chinese site. It's nothing but trouble. If they want to run a cesspool full of scammers and spammers, great, but don't let 'em come to US/Euro/HK sites and spam everyone to death!

    I sold a ton of stuff over the holidays and had MANY of these. I simply deleted and moved on. Got a huge kick out of some of the wording though. Always wondered how riancymall.cn intended to gain membership in the WTO considering they aren't a nation.
  15. heehee!