What the heck is wrong with people?

  1. Every year around Thanksgiving there is a lovely local park that gets totally decked out with the coolest light show and movable figurines. Every tree and building is decorated and it is beautiful. Everyone I know, from numerous religions/nationalities, goes to see this attraction and look forward to it every year. Many people have grown up going to see it year after year and watching it get larger and larger in size. (btw, many companies buy decorations and gain exposure as well)

    It is quite sad and now controversial. It is not going to exist this year and possibly never again. I just wondered if anyone else is seeing things like this happen in their areas where they live?

    I am including one woman's letter about it and I believe there is also a link to more comments:
    My wife wrote a letter to the Sun-Sentinel Light show's cancellation an attack on Christmas celebrants

    I have taken my daughter to the Tradewinds Park light show every year since she was born. I cannot believe the Broward County Commission is closing it down due to so-called "expense."

    I could see their point if the light show were free, but we have to pay to get in. If 250,000 cars go each year, at $8 per car, that is $2 million. Now I am not a math wizard, but that is a profit of $1.99 million.

    This is not about money here; this is an attack on people who celebrate Christmas. They are being punished for celebrating this holiday. I have news for you: Jewish people go to see the lights, too.

    I am very disappointed in Broward County for taking this tradition away from the residents of South Florida. It is a shame.

    Kathryn Levitt

    Boca Raton

    This is the letter, CLICK THIS LINK to read the comments left by readers.
  2. I don't know what to say. There's something about lots of lights that is enjoyable without regard to religion or holiday. Were there groups protesting the display? I'll read the letters, but it's a shame they won't be doing it this year.

  3. I heard about this. It's sad....
    come up to Palm Beach for the tree lighting!!!!! I'm sure it won't be the same but it's still a good holiday tradition.
  4. I just ask myself...what next?
  5. Maybe it has to do with global warming.
  6. That is a bummer...I am so sick of people trying to take away traditions lately...some that have been around for hundreds of years. It really takes away from the spirit of the holidays.
  7. I just picked up my Holiday tree today. ;)


    Limiting a holiday is so stupid.

    I hate people who are against Christmas. I'm not against Hanukkah.

    Put your pitchforks down and step away from Santa. Leave the poor bastard alone!
  8. I can't help but laugh. Laugh at the stupidity of people who think that by denying OTHERS their right to THEIR own cultures, they are creating more acceptance and diversity in this world. Sometimes I feel when these things happen, it's really just trying to discriminate against certain cultures, traditions, etc. under the guise of being "socially appropriate"
  9. I am sick of people who talk like they're promoting some sort of religious tolerance by making holidays generic and non-denominational, and then freak out if they see a crucifix or a Star of David anywhere around.
  10. This is really upsetting to me :sad:

    They've been talking about this on the radio here a lot. The newest things are the attacks on Santa (he's too fat, not allowed to say "ho ho ho") and you're not allowed to call it a Christmas tree anymore. Even "holiday tree" is offensive to some, because the word means HOLY day. Therefore, the PC police are demanding it be called, and I kid you not, a FAMILY TREE :rolleyes:

    This is whole thing is just out of control IMO. If you don't like Christmas, then don't celebrate it. Period. I grew up in a town that was only about 1/2 Christian and none of this was ever an issue. I just don't understand why people have to be such a$$holes about everything nowadays :confused1:...
  11. ITA.
  12. I quickly checked your link and felt very sad and hurt by some of the comments: some people love to take a chance to blame a whole group of people for the actions of even one man belonging to that group.
    Sounds to me from here in the Old World that we will get to the point where you Americans are very soon: with the "excuse" of making everybody happy, or rather, keeping everybody quiet, there is a danger of losing traditions and parts of our individual and cultural histories.

    PS ( I'm part jewish, and I LOVE Christmas lights :yes: )
  13. Yeah ITA.
    And especially here, renaming all of the "Christmas" items with more generic names as madamefifi said. I mean here, they renamed "Christmas at the Prado" the "Holiday of Lights" and have renamed multiple parades so that "Christmas" isn't mentioned. I also recently heard that one retailer isn't calling them Christmas trees anymore, they're calling them "Family Trees."
    In addition, Easter break is no longer called that, it's now Spring break and it's not the Easter bunny any longer, it's now the Spring rabbit. I kid you not.
  14. This is crazy. Where are the people that are offended by Christmas? I have never heard anyone come out and say that they were offended by Christmas trees or Santa!

    I am for all religions, bring on your holidays and celebrate them! I am not offended by other people's holidays.. I would never tell someone to tone down their thing. People need to stop being so freaking sensitive, let the kids have the Easter Bunny, geeze!

    No one will take my Christmas tree away:p
  15. This happened last year here in Seattle too. The airport put up Christmas trees and a Rabbi threatened to sue over it. Jewish groups in the area were very upset because they did not like what the Rabbi did. The story made national news. This is political correctness gone wild! This year I purposely chose "Merry Christmas" cards and also have my "Merry Christmas" decoration on the front door of my house. We celebrate Christmas in our house so why shouldn't we say so?