What the heck is wrong with me?

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  1. I bought my first Balenciaga and love it! I thought I would dabble in this designer with a basic colour since I am a pretty classic gal. I really am not into all the wonderful colours Balenciaga has. I love seeing others with them, just not my thing.So, I bought a Blk city. This is about as safe as you can get with a colour. Now I am craving apple green. What the hell is wrong with me? I never EVER would have chosen a funky colour, somehow Balenciaga has thrown me to the wild side. How about you?:wtf:
  2. I am afraid of this happening to me. I am ordering my first bbag today - a black city. Although, I do believe that I want at least one bbag in a funky color.
  3. I also thought I would dabble in Bal but now I realize that dabbling in Bal is next to impossible. So far I've managed to stick with more neutral colors which seem to suit me best - greige, marine, white - but I find myself salivating over French Blue and the pictures of the new Violet. I'm sure it is only a matter of time before I cave in and get a bright fun color
  4. All I can say is you are not alone. It happens to just about everyone! :nuts:
  5. Don't fight it!!:shrugs:
  6. It's happening to me too- I have black, ink, griege, and now I'm drooling over magenta!! Like DH is not going to notice I've bought a new bag if I come home with magenta!! (Usually I can slip the dark ones by him...:smile:
  7. Medical Term: BBag Color Manifest
    Latin Term: Coloritus Balenciaga Rampus
    Legal Term: Juris Prudence BBag Color Corpus

    Any way you put it, the want for a beautiful bag in a new color is a huge lure of the brand. It will slowly start to creep into your mind and BOOM -- you start dreaming about BBags in different colors. Just like Lindsey Lohen, go ahead and break down -- you can always enter BBag rehab.....
  8. Isn't that bag in your avatar orange? Plus your name...pinksuede...?? hmm...Methinks you doth protest too much. ;)
  9. You are definitely not alone - lol! Hope you find that Apple Green B-bag
  10. I never ever thought I would crave a red Bal bag, but I bought a rouge VIF city awhile ago. I also never thought I'd buy a black Bal bag (black is too common) but lusted after one until I got my black city. I guess the more I think about it sometimes, the more I want it.
  11. I can identify with this thread.

    I actually started with one oxblood day and my heart was racing at the $1000 barrier that I was about to cross. Ahh the innocent days. I promptly returned it (it was faulty). Then with the Balny credit I got anthracite twiggy (then sold it). Eventually the penny dropped in my head: :wtf: its the OLD seasons that I really love.

    Now look at me: I have an 04, three 05's and one 07 (vert gazon day with GH - the only exception I made from the current collection). And yet, hear I am seeking out 'just one more bbag' .... OMG I'm like this now: :ninja:
  12. you are not alone!!

    I thought I would only love LV and now I start to love Balenciaga ............

    i just have one bbag now but i am looking for my 2nd one :smile: and .. 3rd, 4th for sure in the future!!!

    I can't just own one b bag!
  13. PinksuadeSoho-- can totally relate to u, except I went the other way! Started out with colorful bbags thinking I would stay away from the "boring" black since black is always available! Then I recently got a black first and am head over heels in love with it, that now I am lusting for a black city and a black twiggy! In fact, give me any style in black and I will be happy (jk!). But really, it doesn't matter if one starts with the basic/classic neutrals like black or the colorful...you always end up on the other side--! Because bright and colorful or neutral, bbags rock either way!!!

  14. This is how I started out! I overkilled myself on the obvious LV logos. I got to the point where I needed something more subtle, but with an edge. Balenciaga has satisfied that need. It is a fantastic hobby. I love collecting these amazing bags. They really make my wardrobe versatile and a little funky. I started collecting in January and now have 6 city bags, 1 magenta rh ordered and waitlisted for several and a money wallet. The most fun though has been sharing it w/ the people on the bbag forum. All of the fun friendships that have come out of this has been the best part. This is the best forum on the PF IMHO. Welcome to our addiction ladies, there are a lot of people on here that have been collecting for years and years and great new people that come into the forum everyday.
  15. I have a black first and city and now I want a colorful bbag!!! Red, blue, green...... I can't decide. I started off saying I would only get one and look at me now.. looking for #3, lol.