What the heck is wrong with me? The wishlist never ends.

  1. So I just bought a large Carly (off eBay) to use for school and I'm carrying a new bag that I bought last spring but never used. Despite this, I'm suddenly thinking "wow, I really like those Gigis, really need one of those" I mean, what the heck is wrong with me? Why am I never satisfied? Is it me or does Coach just release too many fabulous bags? :drool:

    Anyone else like me? I'd like to know I'm not alone in my madness :s
  2. haha i totally know what you mean! i just cant get enough! and even the bags they come out with that i hate i see irl and i love.
  3. LOL mine just continues to grow as well... Always on the look for something new.

    I think we're addicts.
  4. trust me your'e so......not alone!!!
  5. i know! there should be a helpline to call when we feel the need to buy alot.
  6. And then you come on here and see everyone's wonderful new purchases and it just makes you want more!!!! I know exactly how you feel!
  7. I am exactly the same.. even when I love my new bag I am on the hunt for something else in no time, or even if I am not, I hear about some great outlet find, a pce coming up, or something that just makes me go crazy all over again!!!! :wtf: It has got to come to an end for me though, or atleast a small trickle!!! :p
  8. I was the same way but now i've just forced my self to step back and look at all of the wonderful bags I already own. You know that something will ALWAYS come along every few months that you just HAVE TO HAVE and it's easy to get sucked in especially when everyone else makes posts about their new stuff.

    I just admire other people's purchases and then appreciate my wonderful collection!
  9. ^^
    I totally agree.. I just have to tell myself there will ALWAYS be something newer, shinier, faster, prettier, etc and especially with Coach they are ALWAYS coming out with new beautiful things and great deals and pce.. it really makes it hard! But I just have to say.. then what? is that going to make me happy and complete? I still have a hard time resisting but it is soo true!!! BTW on the Money Talks forum there are some great threads on this! You are FAR from being alone!!!! :p
  10. I know exactly what you mean!! This board is so bad for that, but I still love seeing everyone's amazing collections, so I'll run the risk of buying more lovely bags to see them. :biggrin:

    Right now I'm mulling over the idea of a swingpack, and actually thinking about cheating on Coach with LV! When does the cycle end?!
  11. I am seriously beginning to think I need to seek professional help or cut up ALL my credit cards. I think I have bought more since Oct. than I have bought in the last 5 years.
  12. I am in the same boat.. and yet I love it here and I love to be here! It's sooo hard!!! :tdown:
  13. I'm that way with SHOES!!! OMG!! I do not have that problem with Coach BAGS, just their shoes! My problem is I'm like a dieter who has sworn not eat chocolate-I do so well for a while & then I fall off the wagon HARD! :p I need to get my budget in order so I can buy myself one "treat" per pay period. Thats what I used to do & it worked really well for me, but then I got married:love: & $$ got tighter & my treats were fewer & farther between! :sad:

    My one saving grace is that I buy a LOT of my shoes from eBay so I do save $$!! (yeah, keep telling myself that! LOL!):lol:
  14. I'm the same way. I keep telling myself I don't need soo many bags. But then I come to tPF and see a new thread about their bag and I just have to have it. I might have to ban myself from this thread if I really want to ban myself from buying more Coach. But please that would never happen haha.
  15. I find that once I start a buying phase I cannot stop. I start thinking of the colors/styles I "NEED"