What The Heck Is Wrong With Donald Trump?

  1. Feb 22nd 2007 by TMZ Staff

    [​IMG][ NBC announced today that "Access Hollywood's" Nancy O'Dell will host next month's Miss USA Pageant, but if it had gone Donald Trump's way, that wouldn't be the case.

    A source tells TMZ that the enigmatic real estate mogul wanted to drop O'Dell as host because he doesn't like the way pregnant women look. But it's not The Donald's call: O'Dell is under contract with NBC and is the host of the "Access Hollywood" (which is syndicated on many NBC stations), and she will also be fronting the network's Oscar coverage this weekend. The lesson here: Don't pick on the Peacock's golden girl, Donald!

    What was particularly troubling to O'Dell, our source says, is that the Miss USA Pageant is supposed to embody more than just how a woman looks in a bikini. It's safe to say that O'Dell, who will be six-months pregnant when the pageant airs, won't be sporting a two-piece.

    Trump's camp had no comment.
  2. Oh he is getting sooo annoying! I think she is pretty nice! She looks beautiful now! Domald is also in some publicity thing with WWE, and he appears and acts like a jerk.
  3. If this is true, then the Donald is a pig.
  4. Yeah he's supposed to shave his head or something.:s
  5. Yeah! He said let's have the "Battle of the Billionaires!" In today's episode, he said he can beat anybody!
  6. He thinks he's the best, smartest businessman. this is what happens when fame & fortune had gone into HIS head. I was like laughing so hard looking at how much respect and fear the candidates of The Apprentice of all seasons towards him. Imo, he's nothing special.

    Warren Buffett is more special, smarter & more intelligent than him.

    Looking down at pregnant woman is it? hello, your ex-wife & current wife pregnant be4 too okie. Or else, u won't have any children now.

    I dunno what Melania see in him...true love?
  7. He is always searching for another 15 minutes of fame. Off topic but I wonder how long his new wife will last before he replaces her????
  8. Makes me wonder if they leaked that story solely for publicity.
  9. He has tons of dough, therefore he feels as if he has to follow no rules or morals!
  10. Donald is like a little monkey
  11. He is a neanderthal with his attitudes toward women. When Melania was pregnant I recall him saying really insulting things about how she looked. I'm just so disgusted by men like him. He thinks he has the right to say and do anything he wants.
  12. the questions should be 'what's NOT wrong w/ him'. . .
    I can't think of anything! :p
  13. Jeeze... he is incredibly smart and incredibly stupid at all times.
  14. wow...he is a pig!
  15. He is a disgusting PIG