What the heck is WRONG with Barneys???

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  1. #1 Jan 27, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2009
    I have done A LOT of online shopping and I have never received such terrible service or disorganization in dealing with orders as I have with Barneys!

    I placed my Decoltissimo order on the 20th, a week ago today. I know it says on their website and email that it can take up to 5 days to notify you of either out of stock or shipping, however it is now 7+ days (5+ business days - as I ordered first thing in the a.m.) and still no response! Even when you call they dont know anything. Funny thing is too, my order says estimated delivery date of 1/29! Well if they havent even shipped yet, even that is off by a mile! :cursing:

    How can a store that is such a high-end, upscale store be so careless and unorganized with their orders/customers? I can also understand something taking a bit longer during busy times of the year like at Christmas, but I seriously doubt they are so swamped right now that it is taking more than 5 days to get a response! Even if they use multiple distribution centers like they say, that should make things easier, not harder! Sounds like either lazy employees or people just dont give a damn there.

    Like I said, I have never experienced such horrible service from an online store before. I am about to spout off an email to Barney's customer service department about how disappointed and pissed off I am, but unless they change their ways, this will be my last order with them!

    I am just fed up and had to vent. I suggest that others with the same problem send their complaints as well...maybe Barney's will wake-up and realize they better do something else to keep business, especially at this time in the economy when stores are doing poorly!
  2. We're all with you, here. Shopping online at Barneys is completely unreliable. Sorry you are dealing with that at the moment. At least they haven't canceled your order yet. tyhat's what happens most of the time.
  3. i just posted how disappointed i am with barneys in my other thread. i got my shoes pretty quickly (after about 3-4 days without hearing anything I called to check the status, they told me they didn't know when they would ship and within the hour i got a note saying they shipped via fed ex).

    the problem is i got shoes that, while granted were on sale, are not in great condition. after speaking to a customer service manager i was offered 50 dollars total as a refund. the shoes were 299 each. that's not even 10%. i understand they're on sale but you sent them with the patent coming up, marks on them, etc. you can't even offer 10%? i'm actually very upset about it. i keep trying to decide what to do bc i do like the shoes (esp the red pair) but i think i'm going to return them on principle. i'm sure someone else will buy them right away (hopefully someone here will get a good deal) but for me it's the service that i'm upset about.

    i hope you get your shoes soon!
  4. This is a good idea:
    Join the Barney's Hate Group in the CL Deals thread! Barney's website is known as Guily-Free shopping because of all of their last minute cancellations. We now know not to have our hearts set on ANYTHING we order on their website. I'm sorry you are going through this.
  5. Well I just fired off an email to them. I suggest others do the same. Sorry to hlfinn about your damaged shoes. That has got to be worse than just delayed!

    I checked my bank account a bit ago as well and see that they charged my credit card today, so I can only assume that means they are shipping my shoes, but the order still says being processed online and I have yet to receive a ship confirmation. There is REALLY going to be hell to pay if they have charged my cc and dont ship VERY SOON!

    Completely unacceptable! :Push:
  6. Wow, and I got pissed when I was on their site and every sale shoe I saw, when I selected my size in the pull-down menu, it said "This item is currently out of stock." SO WHY GET MY HOPES UP IN THE FIRST PLACE, HUH BARNEY'S?

    Now that I've seen your horror stories, I'm glad I wasn't able to place an order through them. Ugh.
  7. If they charged your card, it usually means the shoes are getting ready to ship.
  8. Last update and what a funny coincidence. 10 minutes after I sent a complaint email, I got an order cancellation notice! :cursing:
    The charge on my bank account is pending which should just fall off, but makes no sense on why they would try to charge it if they were out of stock! Thats it, I am swearing off Barneys now! They just lost my business for good! :Push:
  9. I hear you..I never had a single order go through with Barneys.com. They charge my card then a week later I get a cancellation email..I just call the stores and place my order so much better..However, last time I got a pair of CLs from Barneys vegas it didn;t come with the dustbag, but it came nonetheless..lol
  10. So funny..my card wasn't charged so I called them and they told me that my order was still processing ... 15 minutes later the receptionist handed me the package with the shoes. They suck. But I'm happy that my order wasn't cancelled :rolleyes:
  11. Sorry, Floridasun!
  12. Sorry to hear about this, Floridasun! A store as high-end and chi-chi as Barneys should really have their act together!
  13. Yeah, I think we all have had our fair share of Barneys screwing up our orders. It is annoying that it still happening and they can't get their act together. Maybe they just don't give a #$%@.
  14. In this economy, maybe they'll learn.
  15. Ugh, I have a pair of shoes to send back to them that didn't fit and now I'm scared. lol