What the heck is up w/ Amazon.com?

  1. Okay. So I ordered an amazing Anna Corinna Jr Jetsetter from Amazon. Big Mistake. Besides the fact that I hate that website with a passion (3 out of 4 orders in the last year were cancelled b/c the item was "out of stock), their customer service is terrible!!! This is the run down. Ordered the bag on 1/4, bag still hasn't shipped. Worried the order will be cancelled due to the bag being "out of stock", I called CS to see if I can get some reassurance. ZIPPO! Not only did the girl continue repeating the same thing to me "the bag will ship soon miss, no worries, the bag will ship soon" then she had the nerve to ask me if there was anything else she could help me with...how about answering my question...is the bag in stock and when will it ship?!?!?

    Ever had this experience w/ Amazon or do they target poor me. :hysteric:
  2. I've never ordered a bag from Amazon, mainly just books/movies/etc, but I've never had any problems with them. I think it usually says on the item description page if it is out of stock.
  3. I would keep calling back and try speaking to a different cs rep. Sometimes you get people who are clueless then the next one you speak with totally answers your questions....sometimes 'the third time is the charm'
  4. Is amazon selling the bag, or a third party? It makes a big difference. I love amazon, I've never had a problem with them.

  5. I ordered a bag from them last fall and it took two weeks to ship. I was really wondering what was going on and whether they actually had a bag to ship since the service was reporting "not available" after I placed my order. I don't recall whether I called CS or not. It was all rather baffling.

    But I did receive my bag eventually and it was great. I would sit tight for a few weeks and take consolation that if you never receive your bag it isn't like Amazon is a fly-by-night operation. They will still be around to credit your credit card.
  6. The others are right about checking if it's actually from Amazon or from a third party. I've always received stuff ordered directly from Amazon really fast. Most of the time, third-party items have arrived pretty promptly too. But there was one time when a third-party item took three weeks to ship.
  7. My purse came directly from Amazon.com, but the explanation I was eventually given was that they had to first get it from the warehouse of another party--in this case I think it was Endless.com, which is owned by Amazon. And that's why it took two weeks to ship.
  8. The bag was supposed to ship on 1/10, this morning on 1/11, I checked the website and the ship date was changed to 3/17/2008!!!!!!!! I called CS and vented. This is NOT the first time this has happened. The bag is being shipped by Amazon themselves, not a third party. The CS was able to change the shipping to priority and then the website updated to say it would ship on Monday 1/14. If it was that easy to change the shipping date, the item must be in stock. Sounds shady to me.