what the heck is this??

  1. They did make something like that but I don't know enough about the line to make a decision on that one. I don't even remember what the line was called. I saw a few at South Coast like that but they seemed more boxy than that one.
  2. It's from the Spring 05 men's line. Don't know the name, but here's a pic of the keepall(?) from style.com

  3. I don't like it so far. Maybe it will grow on me.
  4. I don't like too...it seems a fake bag :-/
  5. Yuk!!!
  6. Very close to buying the bag last Spring @ Bal Harbour LV...unfortunately couldn't justify spending that much for that type of bag. Reminds me of a cheap school bag I could pick up in Hong Kong
  7. This is from the Men's Mini Intitial Line. The bag is gorgeous in person and it also came in a dark brown color - ebony.
  8. I actually quite like this line. My cousin has the scarf with just L.V on it and the two lines.

    I think theyre funky and sporty pieces and a cool mens line.
  9. i totally agree i saw it instore and the darker colors were gorge! i love the initals idea but again i couldnt justify 2 1/2 mono bags for a fabric one with 2 stripes and LV!!!
  10. I've seen this bag and absolutely LOVE it and the matching keepall! But they don't show up a lot on eBay. Here's the keepall- first two are ebony (ebene), third is the lighter color. :love:
    Vuitton Mini Mono Intials Keepall.jpg Vuitton Mini Mono Initials Keepall 2.jpg Vuitton Mono Mini Initials Men's  Resort 2005.jpg
  11. I love the keepall!

  12. i really like this range from last spring. it's also availabe in a Sac Plat "Tanger" and an Alma Voyage-ish model called "Isfahan". i have this feeling the new black/brown Mono Lin Speedy would be very similar to this ebene colour. and i think the lighter colour is called camel.

  13. its so nice!
  14. I love this line. My sa tried to find a keepall for me, but no more are out there. I even called 866 vuitton hoping.... but no.
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