What The Heck Is This Lv Called? Looks Like A Vernis Cannes???

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  1. What is this called? Anyone know the original MSRP?
    To me, it looks like a Vernis Version of an Epi Cannes bag, maybe special order?

    verniscannes.jpg veniscannes3.jpg verniscannes2.jpg
  2. Bronze Aston ? :confused1:
  3. No, it's not a SO but if I'm not wrong ( quote me pls if I'm wrong ), it's discontinued item.
  4. It's discontinued from 2001 (i think) it's adorable I think it's called astor place but let me double check on it!

    Yep it's called Astor Place it measures 12 x 14cm (4.7 x 5.5 inches)
    Code for it was M91101 (in case you were interested)
  5. Do you know the original MSRP??

    Thank you SO Much for the info :smile:
  6. MSRP?

    do you mean the seller or price?
    actually not much difference LOL I don't know either
  7. HOT! :drool: I so want a cannes bag!
  8. sorry, i meant to ask what the original price from LV is... and also what it sells for on eBay/what I should pay for it?
  9. Wow- that is one HIDEOUS outfit on the model :wtf: Cute bag though.

  10. Pay whatever you think it's worth it's hard to judge LE prices are way more now than they used to be this this most likely wasn't that much when it was available but you don't often see them for resale
    I thought I had a runway pic of it but I couldn't find it