What the heck is Jessica Simpson wearing?!

  1. Well... what was she thinking?! Would any of you ever wear this?!!! :weird:

  2. Well, I must say I've seen women wear more revealing/sillier things than that when they go out to the clubs. And not many of them had the well-toned body that made the outfit look good.

    From the background, it looks like she is out on the town - so I actually think it works well with the setting. If I worked out as much as Jessica Simpson (but *oddly* still had an ample bosom) I would wear that shirt.
  3. I don't care for the style, but like Chemlex said if I had the body I'd rock something similar :lol:
  4. Probably not, but damn! She has such a great body:smile:
  5. I just think it looks utterly silly... I know her body is amazing- but that outfit- is fug. She could have gone without that sheer thing IMO
  6. WOW nice bod Jess! I think she still looks great!
  7. I've always hated how she dresses.
  8. :sad2: I bumping my workout regime up 30 minutes next week...5lbs just 5 lbs....
  9. Good Lord she looks trashy! Ick!
  10. that out fit is a no no 4 me
  11. the worst was:

  12. damn! Amazing calves!
  13. That top looks like it was coming off of her. I like Jessica but how come she looks retarded in this photo... something about the way she walks?
  14. I don't think her hair matches her outfit. Maybe a straight look would have been better...
  15. Yeah, I think she looks better with straight hair. Damn she lost hella weight!!!