What the heck is happening here

  1. On Sunday night I listed a bag. yesterday I got an email saying someone bought it using BIN. then I got an email from eBay saying it was fraudulent activity. I relisted the thing last night. Today I got the same message saying it was sold. IT WAS THE SAME BUYER. What the hell is going on? Also, eBay then pulls my auction and I have to relist it. Do I keep getting charged listing fees and final value fees for this? And why would this be happening? has it happened to anyone else? thanks!
  2. Did you block the bidder? Make sure you do that!
  3. Go to the eBay homepage & do live help. They should be able to help you.
  4. thanks for both the tips
  5. I thought when ebay pulls listing, all listing fees and final value fees are credited back to you? check your ebay seller account for the credits.
  6. Listing fees are automatically refunded, but FVF are not!!! You have to asked for it back! Otherwise, you have to pay it! I don't see why ebay doesn't refund the FVF automatically as well! If you don't read your monthly invoice, you'd never know you were charge this fee for something that didn't sell!!! Robbery!

    Anyway, back to topic. This has been happening a lot! Spammers have found a new way to spam sellers! By buying your item, so that they can get access to your email and spam you directly! Rather than through ebay! It's a real nuisance.