what the heck is going on today with PF?

  1. This morning I couldn't get on, this afternoon I got on for a bit, then couldn't. Awhile ago I was able to log on; went away for 30 min. and just now I got 15 minutes of various error messages before I could get in!:confused1: anyone else having trouble?

    I'm addicted! I need my Purse Forum!!
  2. I know that they were doing service on the website today. VLAD said the site would be back up again around 3pm today but I had trouble too! Hope things work out okay! I know how you feel, I need my purse forum too!:party:
  3. We are having some bad problems... we are working on it really hard!!! Vlad was working on it all day... there have been some issues since we added another server.

    Sorry all, we are trying!!!!
  4. You guys are doing a GREAT job!!! We love this forum!
  5. Thanks! :shame: But we HATE when it is down!!!!