What the heck is a Japonaise.............

  1. wallet????? :shrugs:

    Am I even in the ballpark thinking it's a wallet?????

    and if not then what in Sam Hill is it...........:s
  2. It looks bigger than the bearn. Was it discontinued?
  3. ^^^^

    From what I can remember...yes.
  4. Dear shopmom, it is the "bearn wallet"....
  5. I could be wrong but I believe the bearn's official name is Bearn Japonaise. I remember seeing the name in one of my H receipts for a wallet.
  6. I learn something new everyday! :p
  7. it's the bearn
  8. Yep...full name "Bearn Japonaise"....;)
  9. Waah! I was holding out hope it was a larger bearn. Oh well. Maybe I need a a small croc agenda instead, but they do not have cc pockets. What's a girl to do?:sad:
  10. Lady Emma - You might consider the Tri-Fold Bearn. I have one (and one on the way!). It remains "slim" but has 5 extra cc slots! HTH, HNE (I'll get some pics posted soon).
  11. Thank you HN, but I believe the slots are still made on the trifold so that you insert cards vertically. That's where my particular problem is. I'll keep searching...