What the Heck (HAC)!

  1. :roflmfao:

    There's been quite a lot of interest in horsehair crinolin and barenia... so I thought I'll repost my HAC.... she's 2 years old but look at the patina on the barenia :heart: ... scratches are removed simply by rubbing the surface...

  2. Gosh, you gotta love Barenia. This is one leather I recommend you get new and just watch it develop that patina.
  3. So pretty! :love:
  4. here's my friend's birkin 35 crinoline like your's :
  5. Does your crinolin shed in any way? How sturdy is it??
  6. omg! It's gorgeous!!

    I'm in :heart:

    Have to say the chocolate color of the leather is divine. Would love this in a 32 HAC with PH (my dream bag). How is the barenia (not too familiar with it) in a big bag like the HAC?

    :heart: baggiegirl - who suddenly got the urge for some chocolate... :smile:
  7. Gorgeous bag!
  8. The crinoline is made of parallel strains of horsehair(?) tightly held/sewn on the vertical to hold the strains together... so far, I've had not probs with shedding etc... the crinoline is quite hard wearing...

    A big bag in barenia would be quite heavy... barenia anything has a nice vintage classic hermes air about it.. after all barenia is their famous saddle leather
  9. Oi, a heavy bag is no good.... What would be the closest leather to Barenia then? And the closest color to your amazing bag?

    I want that lush chocolaty color :P
  10. prettyy!!
  11. Archangel, I just bought a Trim II in the exact combo as your HAC - I :heart: :heart: :heart: it!!! :yahoo:

    Barenia is simply amazing. You are so lucky to have a HAC in this combo!!! :yes: :flowers:
  12. Hi gigi...

    A trim in this combo is lovely!!!!! very distinctly hermes