What the Heck are Eiffel Handbags?? Are they suppost to be like LV knockoffs??

  1. are they knock offs or their own brand that pretty much just steals LVs designs?? I see ppl with them sometimes. And I know they are sold in this one store at Mohegan Sun Casino. Places like that arent to sell fakes so eiffel must be its own brand then. The purses are still a couple hundred bucks & I even saw one lady at the asian grocery store with one that looked like a papillon but with a eiffel tower on the side and her straps even looked like they had patina on the top!
    Although at the casino I did touch one of the eiffel bags and the straps did not feel leatherish...I guess it could have just been realllllly dirty. But this lady def thought she was the sh!t so i dont think it was dirt. Plus at the casino they also had luggage.

    ehh the eiffel looked cheap!

    anyone else ever see these bags?? the casino and 1 other place were the only times ive ever seen this brand sold. (the other place was like...idk what it was but it had fendi, prada and todds bags that were real.

    SO CONFUSED! anyone have any idea?
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  3. hmmmm.....i think i've seen these at small kiosks in malls...no logos, just very, VERY familiar shapes.....ew...
  4. I have seen them before!! They are strange, I don't know much about them though.
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  6. so i guess they just wanted to hop on the band wagon....

    About Latour Eiffel USA

    "La Tour Eiffel" was originally founded in France and Hong Kong in 1978 producing leather goods and luggage with the licensed French brand name La Tour Eiffel. Since 1981, the group has sold more than 10 million handbags worldwide, particularly to the Asian, European and Northern American markets. One of the fundamentals why La Tour Eiffel gains such popularity among today's fashion shoppers is due to its integration of design, manufacturing control and management methodology.

    "French brand, Italian materials. American marketing strategy, Japanese packaging and Chinese workforce are the ingredients to produce quality goods of European style being popular in both the East and the West"

    Matched with the group's professionalism, vision and commitment to excel in the consumer goods industry, the La Tour Eiffel products are highly sought in the international markets and acclaimed for the high standard of craftsmanship and material used in the making of each individual item.
  7. Well, it's easy to figure out where they get their inspiration.

    Personally, I think they show more class (as it were) than a real fake. At least they don't have LV's all over them.

    But still................
  8. if you look at them from far away, they look like goyard.
  9. I would never buy an Eiffel bag or wear one as well...they look way to similar to LV items...and it just would not feel right. When I wear my LV items I feel rather special.
  10. okay so when i did a search...i found this brand too...Rioni...which i think...from what i've been seeing is a comparable to Eiffel or something...idk they are all in the same $150-$250 price range

  11. so weiird!
  12. wow, they look so similar. how odd indeed!
  13. A little too close for comfort if you ask me...it amazes me how much they can get away with.
  14. OMG so wiiiierd!! not fake so what can you do right?? maybe alot of people like the designs but wont shell out money for LV. Like someone said, atleast they dont have the fake LV logos plastered all over them.
  15. Ooooohhh.. so that's what these are called. I see these all the time, and I'm just like - what the heck are these ugly bags !