What the heck am i suppose to do with this? GRRR...

  1. basically ive been waiting almost a year for an armchair, i have my own room and all at this point, ive made it roomy and spacious, but ive been waiting on this armchair for a while, and of course relying on probably the worst people who really should be the ones i should be able to rely on im stuck with this big eyesore while my chair is with their :censor: that that son of a :censor: already stained or whatever. its HUGE, it totally consumed my space, and basically i would like some opinions on how to deal with this huge thing here, because basically i already lost money, and giving it back or whatever and then having to go out and buy a new one is just going to cost me i dont even want to think about it and im in a serious save up drive this summer and ahhhhhh its smirking at me. the lines of the chair are ACTUALLY SMIRKING AT ME... i put my scarf on it and all but its driving me crazy. so please if you have an inner designer please let it chime here and save me from this insanity. your room is suppose to be your sanctuary, and at this transition of my life this is all i have to myself at this point.....asdfghjkjhgfds maybe a plant...just a really huge plant....to hold some bags on it....
  2. im kind of confused :huh: :blink:
  3. me too
  4. It's okay it's okay relax. I think I understand what you're saying?

    Maybe you can get rid of the big chair you have, and then find a cheaper smaller one somewhere? If you really need a chair...but in any case, the big chair seems to be making you crazy, so get it out of your room as fast as you can! You're right, your room is supposed to be your place to chill, and a giant armchair isn't making you happy, so get rid of it!
  5. LOL sorry all that was a mix of a vent out and i dont know what lol. basically im buying and setting up for when i move, because next summer im either going to be in another country or in a different state, with hopefully a nicer apartment. i made a deal with one of the bloomingdales guys from their furniture outlet to give me a discount if i waited for this specific chair, he's known me for a while since when i was younger my parents replaced their furniture with him. so i waited all this time and another family member was getting a chair too, and told me they would drop it off for me. next thing i know they have my chair and already ruined it while im stuck with this monstrocity. its a comfy chair i suppose but there really is no space in here, i keep moving it around and it just doesnt work, and this guy is quitting so its not like i can get a discount off of another chair so im at a loss at what to do. and then on top of that whats really making me crazy and why im making this chair thing a big deal is because teh office is making come in for the fourth time this week thats not on my schedule (3 days a week, 9 hours, 1 20 to 30 minute break) never allowed to sit unless im assisting, minimum wage and making me move stuff and carry boxes to the new building when that isnt my job, and oyyyy im just a bad mood from all this, ill attach the picture today so we can all laugh at it, hopefully by then i cna find some humour in this..
  6. oh im sorry guys lol that was another vent..