What the h*ll is wrong with the world??

  1. Sheriff Says Texas College Student Was Killed and Dismembered, Then Burned on Patio Grill:


    HOUSTON Mar 25, 2007 (AP)— A 19-year-old Texas A&M University student was killed by her ex-boyfriend, who then dismembered and burned her body on a patio grill, authorities said Saturday.
    Investigators say Timothy Wayne Shepherd, 27, confessed Wednesday to strangling Tynesha Stewart because he was angry she had begun a new relationship. Shepherd, who is charged with murder, is being held on $250,000 bond.
    "We have determined through this investigation that the defendant dismembered Tynesha Stewart and . . . he burned the body parts," Harris County Sheriff Tommy Thomas said. "There are no remaining body parts."
    The announcement Saturday ended a debate in the Houston area about whether law-enforcement officials should launch a massive and expensive search of the area's overflowing landfills in hopes of finding Stewart's remains.
    Officials first thought that the body had been disposed in a large commercial trash bin that had since been emptied.
    Sheriff's investigators had decided against launching a costly and time-consuming search for Stewart's remains, angering her family and friends. Complaints from activists and lawmakers prompted Thomas to get emergency approval to spend up to $500,000 for a search.
    Thomas said he knew, but could not disclose, that there were no body parts to find. He said investigators were unable to release that information to the public or to Stewart's family because of the investigation. Stewart's family has since been advised, and understands why there will be no search, Thomas said.
    Stewart, a college freshman from Houston, was last seen with Shepherd on March 15 while she was home for spring break visiting her mother. Friends have said Stewart and Shepherd quit dating at the beginning of this school year.
    Shepherd's attorney, Chip Lewis, has not returned calls for comment. Thomas said Stewart's family has asked for privacy and will not respond to calls from the media.
    Authorities did not give any more details about how they believe the slaying occurred, but said nothing remains of Stewart. Although human remains generally require extremely high temperatures to destroy, he would not discuss how he believed the body could be burned to nothing.

  2. that's just sick....
  3. There are some sick people out there...
  4. that's just sick. how can anyone do this to another human being, much less one that they claim to love?
  5. I know, this shocked the *bleep* out of me.. i know sick people unfortunatley murder each other each day.. but this is an extreme that I didnt even ponder could happen :sick: :cry:

    I also feel that $250,000 is a little low for his bond... considering all that he did to her?!? KWIM
  6. How could someone do that, just awful.
  7. sick!!:throwup:
  8. I can't even write anything here without it being censored.

    But why in hell is the bail at *only* 250k? why is there bail at all???
  9. OMG!!and he called it love?euwww.....
    i feel sick!
  10. OMG! I think I know why there are no body parts left to find.................:sick:
  11. that is soooo sick sick sick sick sick!!!!
  12. that's sick!!!
  13. the article is beyond disturbing! but to answer your question: when i read the title before clicking to read the post my answer was people are only concerned with their own wants and needs and will say and do anything to get their own way. i still believe this and the story cements it for me. until society gets over the me attitude i am afraid these things will continue to happen.
  14. OMG.. That's very shocking.. And not to mention very brutal...
  15. thats just horrible