What the h***!!! Another Lily story...WHAT TO DO!?

  1. So, last night I hung out in the living room doing Xmas cards, and drinking wine. WOO HOO...had the best time ever! Watching tv, and just hanging out. I usually go to bed around 11 and last night I stayed up until 1. So, I go to the bedroom, pull back the bed and Lily had gotten under the covers and PEED right in my spot!!!!:wtf::wtf::wtf:What the hell is that?? She was then locked out of the house (she has a doggy bed outside, and we live in Florida..truth be told I could have slept out there last night and loved it! ) BUT becuase she was alone it was a punishment. She has been sucking up to me big time all day. She knows she was wrong..why is she doing this?? What would you do? (the dog in question is in my avator.)
  2. sounds like someone is rebelling!!!LOL!.....have u spent less time with her?
  3. NO!!! She is attached to me constantly! I just do not get it! Maybe she was pissed becuase I did not go to bed on time?? Who knows...She is maybe too spoiled.
  4. How old is she? Is she sick or maybe was she not feeling well? I had a cat that started doing that right before she got really sick and had to be put down eventually due to liver disease.
  5. Both of my girls had check up about month ago. All blood work and tests run...they were both given a shining bill of health. Unless she has gotten ill in the last few weeks...however she is her normal crazy clown self...so I highly doubt she is ill.
  6. awww Greta pooped on our guest bed and then on my bed the same day!!
    I think she was trying to tell me something. I don't know what to tell you except that every once in awhile it happens and who knows why!
  7. How old is she? I would make sure she doesn't have a bladder infection. If she is healthy and peeing in your bed, then she should no longer be allowed in your bed at all....that is a punishment. Depending on her age, you may have to start potty training over again, and keep her crated unless you are watching her.
  8. She is almost 3. There is no way I would start crate training her now. Violet is almost 5 and what I do to one I have to do to the other and Im just not doing that now. They would not understand that at all.
    She was not allowed to come to the bed last night. She was very upset. (killed me!) She has done this one other time...I just dont know why...what she is mad about.
  9. Honestly, dogs don't just pee on your bed because they are "mad" at you. There is always a workable reason that can be dealt with through behavior modifation. If the problem isn't fixed, it will probably start to happen more often. I would look in to finding a trainer in your area that will come out and help figure out what the problem is.

    Are you near central Florida? You can try looking at www.apdt.com
  10. I guess I could have worded that better..."mad" obvioulsy something is going on with her, I also realize that it needs to be addressed, that is why I posted in here. Thanks for the link. I think that is an avenue I would like to explore.
  11. Might be worth getting her tested for a bladder infection. Also, when was her last time outside? Maybe she needed to go out?
  12. She has 2 doggy doors...so the girls go out whenever they want.Im going to pop in and see our vet tomorrow while we are out for a walk...
  13. I hope everything turns out ok at the vet! Good luck! (what type of dog is she? she's beautiful!)