what the f-- this looks nothing like what i ordered!!

  1. okay this is what i ordered...

  2. and this is what came in the mail! :throwup:
  3. waiting..LOL.....
  4. it looks nothing like the other one, where is the flap? and my bad picts dont show the scuffs and the wrinkles, and ugh it just looks so cheap and nothing like the pict on elux! or am i completely loco and just imagining this?
  5. lol sorry jill!
  6. wow, that is really weird. have you contacted elux yet?
  7. oh god, that's terrible. please return this QUICKLY.
  8. Send that ugly thing back for a refund ;) .
  9. eeeeww.... that is so strange, what you ORDERED is gorgeous, what you GOT is TERRIBLE!!

    call e-lux and go crazy!!!:rant: :censor: :rant: :censor:
  10. i know right! oyyy i have bad luck when it comes to mj..
  11. Dag! That sucks! I'd be so angry if I was you. Did they send you the wrong item? Or was the picture wrong on the site?

    I think I've seen the coin purse you got somewhere else, but I don't remember where. Not anywhere near as cute as the one in the pic, IMHO.

    Hope eLux gets it straightened out and sends you the right one!
  12. aarti - I'm sorry about your MJ luck (or bad luck)...at least we're in the same boat :sad: .

    You should definitely call and tell them that the item you received was not what you wanted.

    Please let us know how it goes...good luck!
  13. EEK! SCARY looking..sorry!
  14. I have bad MJ luck too!!! hahaha..

    So sorry they sent you something you didn't order... so odd... it's ALMOST it... but then again.. it's SO wrong.
  15. That is so not right. What you ordered is really cute! What you got, the red color is nice, but the rest is just disappointing. Did you call them, they're supposed to have great customer service.