What the devil is a wristlet for???

  1. I have diffrent Coach wallets, but I have always wanted to know what a wristlets purpose :shrugs: was besides an id holder for club night. What do you all use yours for??
  2. mine is for those wonderful nights that involve lots of alcohol ( since all i need is my id, cc, cell). that's about it. i only use it because it's easier to hold onto when intoxicated, lol. (good lord, i sound like a drunk...)

    i know lots of people who use them for smaller stuff inside bags. but i use a beauty case for that.
  3. I use mine for grocery shopping, amusement parks, concerts, clubs, and for holding quarters in the laundry room. Before joining here I didn't even know they existed now I find myself adding more wristlets to my wish list than bags.
  4. I never got into them until literally just a couple months ago and now I have two!

    I use them for quick errands or going to the gym where I all need to carry are cell, ID, gym card, debit card and keys.

    I also put them inside my open top bags when I need to carry, ahem, feminine stuff. It's much more elegant in a wristlet than potentially exposed or spilled out uncovered (believe me, that's happened).
  5. :yahoo: LOL@kallison "wonderful nights that involve lots of alcohol "
    Pursegrrl!!! Coach should hire you to sell wristlets, your reason number three is why i`m going to start investing in a couple
  6. I use mine for a lot of different things..one of my favorite times was during my friend's sister's wedding (I was a bridesmaid). It fit all my little essentials in it and I didn't have to worry about lugging around a big bag.
  7. I can fit a lot into mine so I use them alot. I also put them in larger bags to keep my makeup in.
  8. i use mine for all my medications !
  9. I used mine today to run errands rather than bring my entire purse and it worked out perfectly. I was able to fit my DL, CC, cash, coins, cell phone, and keys. It made it easy to run in and out with it just hanging off my wrist.
  10. Awww!

  11. I use mine for errands, or to keep it inside my backpack wehn I am in school. I have my id, cc, and cell phone. My mom uses hers as a change purse.
  12. the best thing about wristlets...they come in different sizes too. A small one will just hold my license, debit card, some cash and a pack of a gum. A bigger one will hold my cell phone too (I have a rather bulky nextel...my old nextel was super tiny and fit into the smaller wristlets easier)

    I like wristlets for when I go to concerts or sporting events...I do NOT like bringing a purse to those instances.

    And there are fancier ones for "nights out"...I have a scarf print one from 05 that I always get compliments on.

    I also use them as wallets in my bag. IMO, Coach wallets are kinda pricey...and I don't invest in them as much as I invest in wristlets.
  13. I normally hook mine inside of my bag to keep my make-up from ruining my interior. But I love it for quick trips to the grocery store, or when I just need a cc, cell, and some lip gloss. I can also fit my iPod in it.
  14. My wristlets hold all the things I NEED. I guess I use mine in place of a wallet. ID Credit Cards, receipts, coins, yada yada...

    The beauty of them is, if I need to do a quick purse change, I just transfer the wristlet and I am good to go. Also if I want to leave my big purse home I just need to take my wristlet.

    Their just so dang convenient and a LOT cheaper than a wallet, plus you can have multiple wristlets for the cost of one wallet.
  15. I use my wristlets (and mini skinnies) inside my wallets to hold things that I need more readily available than other things that I carry in my wallet and bag. I keep cash, ID and debit card (as well as any store cards I need) in my wristlet so when running into a store (or to go grab lunch at work), I can just grab my wristlet instead of bringing my entire bag. It also helps me "quick change" bags b/c I can just take the wristlet out of one bag and pop it into another.

    I just got into wristlets and skinnies at the end of the summer and seriously can't believe the amount of use I get from them!