What the correct pronounciation?

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    I was talking to some friends today, I pronounce Hermes as "Air-MEHZ" or "Er-MEHS" (german phonics???). They kept correcting me by saying "Her-MAYS". Am I wrong? What's the correct on for Soufflot? "Suf-LOW"???
  2. its is "air-mehz" not airmays. You were right and soufflot is " sou-flow"
  3. Thank you sirenized.

    I was very embarressed cos they both corrected me! I can feel ym face heating up! Almost all my knowledgable-high-end-designer-lover life, I was very sure I've pronounced them correctly or else I will not try at all until I've confirmed the pronounciation! *phew*
  4. Ok to canadians .. how do we say Hermes ?
  5. I love the japanese way: EREMESU :p
  6. I would think it's the same as the US, air-mehz.

    I used to say her-mies, y'know just to be cute. But no one got it, so I stopped. Not like I talk about Hermes a lot anyway!:push:
  7. ^^ Lol
  8. like Hermes Conrad? :nuts:
  9. Sure!

    Confession: had to google that to find out who he is. DOH!

  10. lol, yeah, I know, I'm a Futurama nerd :p
  11. air-mehs..
    somebody pop in the video, princess diaries.
    they tell you how to pronounce it in the scene where mia is being tied to a chair by a HER-meees scarf, while her grandmother tells her its air-mehz
  12. cute! Never noticed that!
  13. since we're on the subject of how to prounouce names, is it okay i ask how to pronounce DAMIER? is it Dah-mee-ay? i hear ppl pronounce it different all the time.

    and oh so embarrassing, i did use to pronounce it HER-MEES! till i saw Sex and the City.
  14. yep, you're right about Damier!
  15. sirenized - your daughter/niece/sister is TOO cute for words!!!