what the????!!!! copied rouge on ebay

  1. i saw that!!!

    and the difference is in the feedback of the seller! as always!
  2. I feel so bad for this seller. Her pics keep getting copied! She is super sweet, too.
  3. Oh good, I see someone has notified the legit seller of the theft. I'm sure she would've reported it now to eBay. Hopefully the fake listing will be history before someone hits the BIN!!!
  4. yeppers, the fake listing was already taken down, good job didi :yes:
  5. yay!!!!!!!!!
  6. hello all, i'm the real seller of the bag, i'd like to thank pupsterpurse for letting me know each time my pics have been copied, this last one takes the biscuit though !
  7. Hi Chantry and welcome to the forum!!:flowers: Glad to have you on board:smile:) I have the same bag, the 05 rouge First and love it so I was looking at your listing pics with fondness.:smile:

    Good luck with your auction. Hope your beautiful bag will go to a loving home!
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