What The Brooke !!! ??

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  1. WTH???!!!! That's BEYOND a fashion faux pax. . . .
  2. OMG!!! Her dad must have been out of town during that concert!
  3. Eeeewww! LOL
  4. those all the ugliest *pants* (for lack of a better word) that I've ever seen.
  5. :throwup:
  6. What a waste of a naturally pretty girl. She needs to wash her face and put on some decent clothes.
  7. I wonder about this too bc on the show he is supposedly soooo protective of her yet she is always showen in these outrageously slutty outfits...i guess he has no say now that she's 18?
  8. whooooooooa..she looks a million times better without all that makeup! check out those eyelashes haa
  9. Oh ew what IS that all about?
  10. Ummmmm NO!
  11. She's as clueless as her father.
  12. wtf? Put some clothes on!

  13. I agree!

    :roflmfao:Look at all the confused looks in the audience! :lol:
  14. wtf? Is she taking fashion tips from Britney?