What the . . . ???? aka "The Dangers of Drilldown!"

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  1. OK, you have all seen the darling new multi-colored signature items, including the ponytail scarf, the limited edition perfume bottle, and several styles of shoes, including these, Q309:


    So, I order these and they arrived today!
  2. Wow, you already got them... when are we gonna see the modeling pics?? :upsidedown:
  3. And I open the box, and here's what's inside:
    12202007 257.JPG 12202007 258.JPG 12202007 256.JPG 12202007 254.JPG
  4. That's ummm .... NOT the same!
  5. oooooo super cute Mazie!! Very colorful... perfect for spring/summer!! Congrats!
  6. Well.... um....theyre still KINDA cute... I actually like them both the 1st one better..
  7. Oh no!
  8. So, I am bummed because they are NOT what is on dd. . . I remember someone's post about a bag on eBay that had this same print. . .

    On the other hand, the pink trim is really cute and I do like it better than the white trim. I also think that they wouldn't show dirt as easily as the "original." But, I like the fragrance print design!!! Arrrrgh!!!!

    So I titled this "The Dangers of Drilldown" because you can get into trouble in more than FUN ways!!! You might not get what you think you are getting!!! And now I am wondering if this style will actually be available.

    What do you all think of these? I may be skewed since they aren't what I thought I was going to receive. Would you keep or return? And heads up to all who were planning to get this sandal!
  9. Ohh I really like those, even though you got the wrong shoes....very cute! I wonder what the bags are going to look like!
  10. I'd keep them! So very cute!!!!
  11. Those are the new watercolor sandals.....Hmmmm do you like them?
  12. I think they are cute still... the colors are totally off from what was shown on the drilldown.. if you were expecting something else then I would say return them if you aren't happy with 'em... :rolleyes:
  13. They look like that bag that was posted here a few weeks ago. Like the watercolor and scribble from last year mixed together.

    Keep them if you like them!
  14. I think they are cute, but since you were obviously expecting something else...maybe you should return them.
  15. ponytail scarf? can someone post pics?