What Tha...... Unbelievable !!!

  1. When Jessica Simpson was spotted by a hound of paparazzi waiting for her outside of an LA area shopping centre, they proceeded to attack her like a pack of hungry wolves. Only problem? Mall security surrounded the blonde poplet and eventually gave the photo-hungry photographers a beatdown after they got carried away. Handcuffs and batons ensued. The best part of the clip comes when a completely indifferent Jessica walks away from the messy altercation as if nothing had even happened. Brilliant!


    CLICK HERE to watch now![​IMG]
  2. [​IMG]
  3. lmao. haha-wow...

    but, more importantly I wanna know - what bag is the bag that she's carrying? :p
  4. That would be extremely irritating to have all that chaos follow you around every day. It would put me in a bad mood.
  5. I'm sure had her handlers had the opportunity, they would have made sure that she did not appear to be indifferent to violent acts being committed even on human beings who are members of an unpopular group.

    It's their job to be overcautious where her image is concerned.
  6. I want to know the bag too!! :wlae:

    I watched this on the news... how weird.
  7. Actually it is a Derek Lam Handbag :yes:
  8. hmmm, ok so did I miss something or was that cop totally in that paps face??
  9. It seems like she carries a new bag every time she makes an appearance!! I'm so envious! :girlsigh:
  10. What a life...I mean that in more ways than one!
  11. what an ugly scene. I can't imagine all those photographers following someone so closely--it would take every ounce of my patience not to scream at them.

    Then I'm thinking about the other shoppers who just happened to be there. Do people in certain areas of LA or NYC encounter celebs with all the frenzy very often?