What symptoms (or not) did you experienced before you knew you were pregnant?

  1. Apologies if this has been asked before...

    What symptoms did you experienced before you knew or were told you are/were pregnant?

    OK. I know there's missed periods and morning sickness that are definite tell tale signs that you're pregnant, but did you experience any others that gave you an inkling that you're pregnant? Or were there any symptoms that you were experiencing that you didn't understand but afterwards were able to say that was a result of being pregnant?
  2. I have no personal experience in this at all.... but a friend had stange cravings all of a sudden for food she had never liked before.

    Is there something you want to share? :shame:

  3. I never was the type of person to get tired during the day or take naps but then i just started to get soo sleepy around 3-6 pm late afternoon/evening and i just couldn't fight it and i would have to take a nap but it wasn't just a nap i would sleep for 1 1/2 hours(thats a long time for me just for a nap) i just didn't understand why i was taking these naps. My breasts were also very tender but i thought i was just getting my period so i didn't think nothing of it. I used to go to the gym and take cardio kickboxing and one day the class was just so hard for me to get thru afterwards i told the instructor that she gave a killer class (i loved it though)
    when i went on the treadmill or precore i was really out of breath after 5 mintues, mind you i was able to do a advance class 1 hour straight easily before so i found it weird that i was having so much trouble. Then i found out i was pregnant

    what are you feeling?? do you think you might be?
  4. Hehee... not yet bella. I've just been feeling strange, which I thought could be related. So maybe. :shame:

    No food cravings for me. I have gained 2 kg in the couple of weeks though!
  5. I was TIRED all the time. And I mean all the time. I would sleep in late and really would be too tired even after 10+ hours of sleep and I would love to take naps. Other than that, nothing.
  6. Hmm... no naps for me either.

    Have been waking up with dizzy spells. And it continues throughout the day. It's very light though. And I wake up 4 to 5 times during the night to go to the toilet, which I'm not used to doing.

    I've been too slack to do exercise, which could explain the weight gain. :push: But the laziness is nothing new.
  7. No. I haven't felt the the need to nap. I yawn a lot of work, but that's nothing new. :p I think the yawning might have to do with me waking up several times each night! So not a full night of sleep, which should be a problem! But haven't had the desire to nap... ?
  8. I didn't get traditional morning sickness early in my pregnancy, but I did notice that my tastes for certain foods had changed quite quickly. For whatever reason yogurt, of all things, made me sick to my stomach, and not because of the taste--it tasted fine, but I thought maybe the cultures or something were aggravating my stomach. I also had overwhelming cravings for lemonade and strawberries, and I found out during the month of February (my son is 5 now, so it's been a few years, lol) that I was pregnant but was scouring stores for lemonade during late winter, haha. Like others above have mentioned, feeling more tired than usual was something I experienced too; I went from being pretty active during the day to napping every afternoon.
  9. I had to get up to pee in the middle of the night, and I never ever do that. (I did that my entire pregnancy.. the toilet was my best friend.)
  10. Oh, they say pregnant women do tend to prefer sour foods! Is yoghurt good for pregnant women? Isn't there problems with that bacteria stuff?
  11. This is happening to me... :sweatdrop: Oh, your baby is adorable!
  12. on my first pregnancy... I didn't experience any morning sickness, weight gaining, being tired, etc.. what I experienced first was my sciatic nerve pinching (cramp-like feeling that you can not move at all when you're trying to get up or walk). Of course, at first, I didn't know what the cramping/pinching pain was called... I thought it was just a regular cramping because I was exercising at that time (doing power walks and using the ab lounge).. but then.. almost all of my co-workers were asking/commenting when I would scream in pain.. "ARE YOU PREGNANT???" LOL.. then I would ask back.."do I look like I am pregnant".. I was not being defensive when asking back because hubby and I were really planning/wanting on having a baby already at that time. I mean, I was kinda asking them as assurance if they see any signs of me being pregnant because I didn't feel any preggo symptoms at that time. The last sign for me that made me want to take the hpt was when my co-worker and I were having lunch and I didn't like the smell of the flower that was on our table.. she said "OMG!!! you ARE pregnant!!!".. LOL because my sense of smell was never sensitive before that.. So anyway, the 2nd weekend after experiencing sciatic nerve pains and that encounter with the flower.. hubby and I took the hpt and it came out positive! LOL :yahoo:

    Now..I am on the way with our 2nd baby and it was a total different ball game for us.. morning sickness, tiredness, sensitive to certain foods.. the works!!! ACCCKKKK!!! but it's all good... we can't wait to see our 2nd bundle of joy soon. :smile:

  13. I'm nearly always dizzy and whenever I wake up I feel like I need to :throwup: but it is due to low blood pressure (not pregnancy, unfortunately). I hope you will let us know how you get on! :yes:
  14. Unfortunately? Are you wanting to hear the pitter patter of little feet? ;)

    I'm also thinking it could be my low iron count. My last blood test shows I'm almost anemic! I think the healthy level is between 15 - 160. I'm on exactly 15.

    Will share something when I know for sure. I'm hoping the weight gain is not a result of pregnancy coz if I am pregnant, at this rate I'll be the size of a beach whale. :sweatdrop:
  15. Not many of my friends have had kids, so they're not good with recognising symptoms. I think I know what you're talking about with the cramps, but I get them anyway. It happens in my leg a lot. I think that's what you're referring to... Not weird smells... Oily foods are not agreeing with me though.

    Congrats on your second bundle of joy!!! :yahoo: