What symbol is this blindstamp?

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  1. Since I've recently learned about the celtic cross, I decided to look at my bags and found this symbol on my birkin. Looks like a dot next to a triangle (a right-angle triangle). Any ideas??? TIA
  2. I have this symbol on one of my bags aswell ! I was also wondering what it means...:shrugs:

    I've just checked it out: it's 1 and the dot with the triangle
  3. I'm bumping this up to see if someone knows the answer...;)
  4. HI there, Don't know if I should even write in this forum anymore due to all the unease it caused yesterday LOL.:wtf:
    But I wanted to try to answer your question about the odd looking blind stamp that almost looks like a percentage stamp.
    There are usually two blindstamps on Birkins and Kelly closing straps right? One with a letter in a box or circle for the year, and the other one indicates not which INDIVIDUAL craftsman made the bag but with craftsman studio was responsible for making the bag. Hermes having a TON of demand for Birkins right now;) , so they come up with new looking symbols for the new groups of craftsmen they have working. And they one you have there on the pic is one of them. Cheers!
    PS did you know H wants to do away with visible blindstamps altogether? They are so tired of the fake bags having perfect blindstamps and also the fact that H clients will walk into Hermes and say they prefer not to buy a bag because it has last year's letter in the month of April of the new year. And it's ridiculous because it's the same bag, which was probably started back in the previous year and blindstamped back then ( in the past year) but finished and only delivered to the store in mid spring of the NEXT year! Anyway, some bags this year (and also I've seen some in past years) have actually been delivered with no visible blindstamp, they are saying they are either hiding them somewhere no one can find them, like inside the lining or doing away with them completely. It's not uncommon to get an Hermes bag from the Hermes boutique these days and not find any stamp on it! The Irony of all this, is that all the fakes and replicas ALL have perfect blindstamps, and even allow you to choose your letter! So, some people order their fakes with the stamp from next year already! It's crazy!:nuts:

    Ok, take care, hope this reply shed some light on your mystery stamp.
  5. ooh, duna, our bags were made in the same studio.:smile:
  6. Hmmm .... I think it's time to contact your SAs to check out the news or better still PM the Hermes insider on this Board?
  7. That's really cool info....
    my bags have the plain old letter and numbers thing.....BORING!!!!!
  8. Is there a number on the other side of the strap? If so, I'd hazard a guess and say it's an atelier stamp. Which atelier I can't say for certain.
  9. the other strap just has the usual date stamp. there is nothing on the other side of the same strap. what is an atelier?
  10. Well, that'll teach me to read better. There's the number right next to the symbol. The atelier is where the bags are manufactured. Don't quote me on this, but I believe there are around 15 of them. The 10 is the craftsman's ID, I believe.
  11. It could be the Atelier stamp, but it can't be a new one 'cause I bought this specific bag in 1997...:shrugs:
  12. I just purchased a birkin and the blindtamp does not have the craftman number. It has stamp P inside a sqare, and the letter J and star symbol. Is it normal? The usual stamp consists of letter indicating they year of production and number of the craftman right?
  13. Please ask authenticity questions in the proper thread. Thanks.
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